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Change Password

Trying to keep track of multiple usernames and passwords is perhaps one of the curses of the modern age! With this new site it is at least possible to change your password to something more memorable!

To choose a new password try to use both letters and numbers and make it at least 6 characters long. If you're having problems, use this Password choice link which might help.

To change your password, simply click on the 'Change Password' link under the 'Membership' menu item'.

This will bring you to a simple form:

Just type in your username (Format: 'john_smith' for John Smith, without the quotes) and your existing password. If you've not tried to change this before it will be your old style membership number as shown on the reverse of your membership card.

Then type your new choice of password in the two final slots below and click 'Continue'. That's it - your new password is now operational - don't forget it!



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