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Archive 2013

Roadholder issues from 2013


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Roadholder 313 - December 2013


Feature Articles:-

Half Way Home Without a Hitch


2013 Ardingly Show


RGM Motors Magneto Replacement Kit

Alton Issue

Electronic Ignition Review [Part 2]

Improved Switchgear

Ignition Timing (Part 2)

The 18D2/18D1

Further to Notes on Ignition Coils






Roadholder 312 - November 2013


Feature Articles:-

A Flash in the Pan (a Bit About Spark Plugs)

Norton Dommie Café Project


Factory Focus

Kempton Park Classic Bike Show

Oxford Branch Café Racer Meet

Norfolk Branch at the Weeting Steam Rally


Electronic Ignition Review [Part 1]

Workshop World - Ignition Timing






Roadholder 311 - October 2013


Feature Articles:-

Save a Horse, Ride a Norton, INOA Rally 2013

Just Another Day


My Mk.lll (Part 2)

The NOC at Brands Hatch

Jubilee Café Racer

The Donington Classic Bike Festival

Festival of 1000 Bikes 2013

Ingenious?  You Decide

750 Commando Woes

Early Commando Electric Starter






Roadholder 310 - September 2013


Feature Articles:-

My Motorcycling Life So Far


Dominator Origins

2013 Café Racer Day

The NOC at the 2013 64th Banbury Run

Brooklands Day, June 9th

National Rally 2013

Aladdin's Cave (More on the Belgian Commandos)

Calne Motorcycle Meet 2013


Condenser Conundrum






Roadholder 309 - August 2013


Feature Articles:-

International Rally Report, Montsauche les Settons

In the Clutches of an All British Day

Pillion Talk - Austria and France 2013

Coupes Moto-Legend, Circuit Dijon Prenois 1-2 June


A Good Start to the Norton International Rally

Norton Atlas Scrambler From the First 200

Don't Get Too Excited ...

Interstate Tank Bag

From Peter Williams ...

The Norton ES4 (Part 3)






Roadholder 308 - July 2013


Feature Articles:-


Sat-Nav on my Norton

Darley Moor Track Parade

Bristol Branch Support the Air Ambulance

Hold On! Stan is Back in Print

16H Servicing and Data

Another Norton V-Twin

The Norton ES4 (Part 2)

My First Norton


Whole Lotta Torque






Roadholder 307 - June 2013


Feature Articles:-

The Pluto Frame and Unified Twin

My Mk.lll

A Tale of a 'T'


Model 77

Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax

Branch Focus - Yorkshire

The Norton ES4 (Part 1)

The Norton 961 (Part 3)

1961 Navigator or 2013 Model?

There's No Smoke Without ...






Roadholder 306 - May 2013


Feature Articles:-

'Man Wastes Time in Shed' Shock

The Norton 961 (Part 2)


Web Site Upgrades

Branch Focus - Oxford

NOC at the Race Retro Show

2013 AGM Report


Improve Your Commando Valve Geometry (corrected)

Soda Blasting







Roadholder 305 - April 2013


Feature Articles:-

Spain to England

The Norton 961 (Part 1)

The Ethanol Issue


Branch Focus - Bristol

A Follow-Up to the Inter Clubman's Special

Norton Domiracer - a Works Replica

The Factory Records Project

Growing Motorcycles


The Dark Art of Wheelbuilding

Modern Equivalents






Roadholder 304 - March 2013


Feature Articles:-

The Gibraltar Challenge 2012

1953 International Clubman's Special

Notes from a Small Shed


Branch Focus - Devon

The NOC Financial Year 2012

More Tales from Norfolk - The Fenman Classic Bike Show


Workshop World - PreWar Model 50 Engine Rebuild








Roadholder 303 - February 2013


Feature Articles:-

A Trip to the Printers


Branch Focus - Northumbria

Norton Tank Fiasco

Commando 2:1 Exhaust Systems

Is Ethanol Eating Your Motorcycle?

Classic Motorbike Show, NEC, November 2012


520 Trials Norton - Part 9

Improve Your Commando Valve Geometry (incomplete)

Testing Again (even alternators)






Roadholder 302 - January 2013


Feature Articles:-

Dominator Cylinder Heads - Model 7 to Mercury


Goodwood Revival 2012

More on the Alton Electric Starter

The Wulf

Commando Handling

Diamond Jubilee Nortons

One-off Trail Norton

My Norton 961 S/No. 015 - Une Vie en France


Lower Fork Pinch Bolt Problems

Some Thoughts on Breathers



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