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Archive 2012

Roadholder issues from 2012


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Roadholder 301 - December 2012


Feature Articles:-



Brisbane Show and Shine

650SS vs The Manxman

More 650SS Ramblings

Dirt Track Norton

Silverstone Parade


More on Norton Screens

Get Your Isolastics in Line

Commando Brake Upgrade

Inlet Sleeve Issues

More on the Alton Starter (Belt Drive)



Roadholder 300


Roadholder 300 - November 2012


Feature Articles:-

Goodwood Revival

How Roadholder Outlived the Green Ball

Commando School


What Goes on at EC Meetings

Cover Styles Over the Years

A Day at Brackley - August 19th 2012

Begonia Rally

Atlas Memories

Proposed 'Super MoT'

Commando Wobbles

Rear Luggage Rack

Brake Upgrades




Roadholder 299 - October 2012


Feature Articles:-

I Rode Out One Summer's Morn

Applecross Challenge


The South of England Superbike Show

Kempton Park Classic Motorcycle Show

Isle of Wight Branch Report

Calne Motorcycle Meet

Italian Nortons


Atlas Road Test

Alton Electric Starter: An Issue





Roadholder 298 - September 2012


Feature Articles:-

A Week To Remember - Coupes Moto Légende

A Norton International Story

Going Commando: 35 Years on a Mk.lll


32nd International Classic Bike Show, Stafford

NOC 2012 International Rally

NOC at The 2012 Banbury Run

More on Mystery Punctures

The Bikers Classics Spa-Francorchamps 10th Anniversary

The Old Barn Find (Stolen From a Shed)

Start 'em Young

Speedway Norton

650SS, Atlas and All 12V Magneto Nortons




Roadholder 297 - August 2012


Feature Articles:-

The Schoolhouse Norton


Prescott Hill Climb 2012

NOC National Rally Report (including Pillion Talk)

Isle of Wight Branch Steals Show

Petrol Tank Cleaning

An Unusual Sort of Puncture


Lucas Ammeters

The Alton Commando Electric Starter

ES2 Timing Information

Trials Norton - Part 8

Screens for Commandos



Roadholder 296


Roadholder 296 - July 2012


Feature Articles:-

Commando E-Start

Off The Record - Down to the Ladies







Les Howard's Diagram of the AMC 4-Speed Gearbox

Trials Norton - Part 7

Single Valve Timing




Roadholder 295


Roadholder 295 - May 2012


Feature Articles:-

Why Norton?

An Afternoon With The Grim Reaper of Tolmie



Telford Twin Shock, Classic and Road Racing Show

Group Riding Without Tears

Competition Corner (answers)


Dommie - The Techy Bit

How To Use a Digital Multimeter For Basic Fault Finding

Trials Norton - Part 6




Roadholder 294


Roadholder 294 - April 2012


Feature Articles:-

Lisbon and Back

Putting a Damper On Things - But in a Good Way!


Dommie Deal - Part 1

Branch Grants

Charles Harwood, 102

Surrey Branch at the Show

Round Britain Rally


Oiling and the Timing Cover

1947 ES2 Magneto Chain Drive Modification

Post-War Norton Oil Pumps




Roadholder 293


Roadholder 293 - March 2012


Feature Articles:-

1947 Norton Hybrid N.15.C.S. 750cc



East Yorkshire Branch Vulcan Visit

Diabolical Quiz

Web Site Notes

The NOC Financial Year 2011



Trials Norton - Part 5

Of Ethanol and Fibreglass Fuel Tanks

A Down to Earth Battery Tip For Older 6V Machines



Roadholder 292


Roadholder 292 - February 2012


Feature Articles:-

One Off The Bucket List


NOC International Rally: Skipton

Newark Classic Bike Show

Pillion Talk

Austria-Sulzbach Branch Activities 2012

New Disciplinary Rules



Poor Man's Manx Update

Rotary Water Pump Coupling

Commando 750 Electric Start Kit



Roadholder 291


Roadholder 291 - January 2012


Feature Articles:-

El Sardinero Rally

Cohen's Creations






Replacing Commando Inlet Valve Seals without
Removing the Head

The Ins and Outs of Valve Timing

Pushrod Goes Heavyweight


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