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Archive 2019

Roadholder 418 (October 2022) is now available on-line

All issues since Issue 1 (1959) are now available online!

Roadholder is the printed magazine of the Norton Owners Club, comprising 48 full colour pages monthly and is distributed by post to members of the NOC in the UK and Overseas. Members can advertise machines and spares For Sale or Wanted free of charge. The Club also accepts trade advertisements, rates for which are available on application. Roadholder is now also available on-line.  Each issue will be posted here at the start of each month.

There is an index here,  which lists key subjects and the issue they're in.

Non-Members - Take a look at a few sample pages from Roadholder magazine

Members - see this year's Roadholders on-line below or look at archive issues


Rh384 Cover


Rh 384 - Dec. 2019


Feature Articles:


The Moore Machine Runs

St Audries Rally

My Other Bike Is ...

New Ranger Test


Tuning Forks

Alternative Engines




Rh 383 Cover


Rh 383 - Nov. 2019


Feature Articles:


A Rocker Reminisces

Cadwell Park Sidecars Revival

A Tale Of Two Tanks

Italian Spring Rally


Manxman Silencers

We Have Ignition

Anti-Drain Valves (Again!)




Rh382 Cover


Rh 382 - Oct. 2019


Feature Articles:


Nick Hyde - AMC Mileage Tester

The Beatrice Shilling Story

NOC At 1,000 Bikes

Founders Day 2019


Timing Tantrums

Norton/AMC Prototypes






Rh381 Cover


Rh 381 - Sept. 2019


Feature Articles:


American Adventure

The le Roux Debacle

Like It Is

The Export-Only Nomad


One Year Belt Drive Check

The Transatlantic Trophy






Rh380 Cover


Rh 380 - August 2019


Feature Articles:


Life At Shenstone

Norton's Almost Forgotten Champ

A Canadian Contribution

Confessions Of A Commando Obsessive


Lightweight Charging

The 'X' Engine




Rh379 Cover


Rh 379 - July 2019


Feature Articles:


Lift Man In Leathers

Scottish Motorcycle Show

Italy Rally - No Pressure!

A Weekend In May


Buyer Beware

More Commando Service Notes



Rh378 Cover


Rh 378 - June 2019


Feature Articles:


Bracebridge Memories

2019 AGM Report

Classic Bikes At Las Cabras

Life With An Atlas


Electric Feet

Alternative Engines








rh377 cover

Rh 377 - May 2019


Feature Articles:


How (Not To) Chop A Dominator

Eric Cox Trophy Update

Walls Of Death

Life With An Atlas (Pt.3)


Water And Electricity (The Final Part)

Alternative Engines - Range Extender






rh376 cover

Rh 376 - April 2019


Feature Articles:


Bob Trigg

NOC Ltd.?

Bracebridge St

Achilles' Heel

The RAF and Motorcycles


Indian Fuel Tanks

Mk.III Neutral Switch Fix






rh375 cover

Rh 375 - March 2019


Feature Articles:-

Life With An Atlas

Non-Motorcycle Nortons

The Plumstead Papers

Chair Men

MoT Clarification

AGM Agenda


The OPOC Engine

ES2 Cafe Racer



Rh 374 - February 2019




Feature Articles:

An Argentine 16H Restoration

The Model 7 Story

Branches History

The President at Surrey

Alternative Engines - The Shane Engine

AGM Info.


Water and Electricity Don't Mix (Pt.3)

Commando Service Notes (2)


rh373 cover

Rh 373 - January 2019


Feature Articles:-

Reivers or Bust (Pt1)

McCandless Blue Plaque

Norton in Spain

Training Days

New West Sussex Branch

An Important Announcement


Water and Electricity Don't Mix (Pt.2)

Featherbed Tips














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