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How to use the Spellcheck facility

In a similar way to the 'old' NOC Website we still use a browser based spellcheck facility. It works well enough, but because different browsers work differently, for this 'new' site, we've put together this little 'user guide' to help members how to use the  feature.

The web browser software uses a built in dictionary to identify any unrecognised words. these it underlines in red. By holding down the [CTRL] key and clicking on the right hand mouse button while the cursor is over the underlined word, the browser will bring up a list of alternative spellings - any which may be selected.

Web Browser Spellcheck Usage

Web Browser Spellcheck? Red Underline Alternative Spellings Key 1 Key 2
MS Edge YES YES YES [CTRL] Right Mouse Button
MS Internet Explorer YES YES YES [CTRL] Right Mouse Button
Google Chrome YES YES YES [CTRL] Right Mouse Button
Mozilla Firefox YES YES YES [CTRL] Right Mouse Button
Apple Safari YES YES NO - -



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