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How to apply for membership

It's now really simple to sign up online - and you can start to gain benefits immediately! Just follow the steps below.


1.  Click on the 'Membership' link on the left hand navigation panel and then on 'Join' to see the Membership Form below:-

Membership Fees from 01/01/2022

2. Choose the type of membership you wish to apply for - Individual or Joint, One or Five year.

3. Enter your Name, Address, Telephone and E-mail details - these will be kept securely under your password:-


branch insert

4. Now choose your Branch Area - This doesn't commit you to joining the local Branch but means that you can obtain details of local events and decide later if you wish to join the Branch separately:-

Passwords and Privacy Form

5. Finally, choose a password with which you will 'log-in' to the members area on the website. Make sure there are at least 6 characters and use only letters and/or numbers. Please don't use any blank spaces or punctuation marks.

Then - type it in again to ensure you've got it right. We recommend that you then check out the club's Privacy Policy and you can then check the button to say you've read it - and the one to say that you are over 18.

And finallyclick the 'Continue' button! - This will take you to the RBS WorldPay or PayPal  secure payment process page:-


WorldPay Form

6. Almost there now - At this stage, you simply need to click on the image relating to your card type and fill in the main payment form as shown below:-


WorldPay Form 2

7. Click on 'Make Payment' and you should then get a confirmation that your payment has been processed. Sometimes for security reasons, your bank may wish that you enter your password with them for additional security.

8. Details of your payment will then be e-mailed to you by the payment gateway  (Go Cardless, PayPal or WorldPay) and the Norton Owners Club. Within only a few minutes you will be able to log into the site and gain Membership Access!


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