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Norton engined models in AMC (Matchless) frames manufactured between 1964 and 1969


Atlas Scrambler

750cc OHV 1964

The Atlas Scrambler used a new frame similar to the Matchless G.12 C.S. type, with a bolt-on rear subframe. The wheels were Norton and the Matchless swinging arm had to be modified to accept the rear wheel. The front forks were longer than Roadholders and had external springs with covers, but used the standard Roadholder sliders.

The small petrol tank, oil tank and battery box were all Matchless items and mostly finished in an attractive red colour. The mudguards were chromed.

The engine was Atlas, and the primary chaincase AMC as was the gearbox. The exhaust system was upswept with no silencers. Ignition was magneto and the electrical system a 12V one. Early models had some problems with engine dimensions meaning that it was not possible to remove the cylinder head unless the engine was firstly removed from the frame. Later models had these problems rectified.

In typical AMC fashion, the machine was badged up in two forms, in this case, Norton and Matchless. In total, about 600 of these machines were built as Atlas Scramblers (G.15 C.S./N) and another 400 as Matchless 750 Sport Scramblers (G.15 C.S./M); all were exported to the U.S.A.



750cc OHV 1964 - 1967

1966-N15CS-S 1966-N15CS(2)-S
1966 Model
1966 Model

Approximately 2500 N.15 C.S. machines were manufactured, some of them again in the Matchless form as G.15 C.S.

Closely based on its predecessor, the Atlas Scrambler, the N.15 C.S. had a modified front fork action, rubber gaiters, and a stronger cylinder head steady. The frame was still the bolt-on rear G12 type. A slimmer seat was fitted, which necessitated moving the oil tank inwards a little.

The petrol tank was altered, and instead of the Norton transfer used on the Atlas Scramblers, now had the round plastic badge. The standard colour was Candy Apple Red, a different red to that used on the Atlas Scramblers, although a blue and a green were available.

The mudguards were smaller than on its predecessor and the exhaust system was now fitted with standard Norton silencers. This model was fitted with Norton brakes whereas some of the other hybrids had the Matchless components. The Matchless alloy primary chaincase must have been an improvement over the dreadful pressed tin Norton affair.


750cc OHV 1967

1966 P11 Prototype

The P11 prototype was assembled by ZDS Motorcycles of Glendale, California using the engine, gearbox and petrol tank from a Norton N15CS scrambler together with a Matchless G85 frame and forks and a G50 racer rear hub. Shipped back to the factory at Plumstead for evaluation, this resulted in the first production Model P11 in March 1967.

The G85 frame had to have a few structural modifications carried out to accept the Atlas engine, and the forks were strengthened. The wheels were not changed. A number of the cycle parts were constructed from alloy, including a central oil tank, the mudguards and the front wheel rim. This all helped to reduce the overall weight of the machine.

The ignition was coil capacitor and the carburettors were Amal Concentrics. The colour scheme was again the Candy Apple Red and a most striking feature was the high level exhaust system with its minimally sized silencers.


750cc OHV
1967 - 1968

1967-P11A(1)-S 1967-P11A(2)-S
1967 Model 1967 Model

Based closely on the P11, the main distinguishing feature of the P11A was the exhaust system, back to a low level design compared with the high level system on the P11.  The seat was longer, the forks were stronger, the petrol tank was different, and there were a number of other smaller changes to cycle parts.  Internally, the advance curve on the engine was less dramatic.  The standard colour was Candy Apple Red, but this time there was a polychromatic blue option.

Ranger 750

750cc OHV 1969

YU-Ranger750-S 1968-Ranger750-S
1968 Model

The final version of the series was the Ranger 750, with yet more small changes to various parts


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