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Updating your Profile

Add your own Avatar for use on the new Message board and set your time zone and privacy settings.

To access your profile, simply click on "My profile" link in the top left hand corner of the screen,  once you've logged in.

My Profile link pic

Then click on the "Edit " tab as shown above.

1. Adding your Avatar

To create your own Avatar, we'd suggest you first find a photo of yourself that includes your 'head and shoulders' - a bit like that used for 'John Smith' in the graphic below. Then open it in a graphics editor such as 'Adobe Photoshop' or 'Paintshop Pro'. There are plenty of free copies of Graphics editors on the Internet. Use the editor to 'Crop' your photo to just the head and shoulders - just make sure that the picture is below 8Mb large. Finally save the photo as a JPEG file. (with the extension .jpg)

Then click on 'Choose File' and find & highlight your prepared photo. Finally click on the Save Button. Your Avatar will be shown on any posts to the message boards.

The Profile form also allows you to set your 'Personal Contact Form' and 'Time Zone'.







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