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Update Membership Details

As a member of the club, you have complete control over your membership details and what access the club has to it. For starters, you can edit the record.

Just log in securely and click on "My Details".

You'll be taken to your membership record which you can edit so that we have everything correct.


You may also edit your privacy preferences.

Privacy Options

Click the first box, if you would prefer not to be associated with a specific geographical region or branch. So for instance, if we're opening up a new branch nearby, you may not be informed.

Click the 2nd box if you would prefer not to be advised of any national event or activity relating to your Norton.

The club adheres to the requirements of the GDPR and will never pass your personal identifiable data to other organisations.

To download and view the club's privacy policy, use this link NOC%20Privacy%20Policy_February%202021_v05_0.pdf







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Privacy Policy