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Donington Nortons


A technical forum for all modern Nortons made since 2009 in Donington.

What killed off the Commandos? Euro-5

Well it's official now, the 961 Commando range has 2021 as a year of grace before it's forced to  permanently hang up it's boots (tyres?). From what I gather, its not feasible to make it Euro-5 compliant, so thats the end of the road quite literally for big air-cooled twins like these.

I found an article that explains the whole Euro story, its an American website but still makes a good read.

Thinking of buying a 961.

I am thinking of changing my reliable, 1988 Honda Revere 600 workhorse which I have owned for 16 years for a 961. I have looked online mainly on ebay and there are quite a lot for sale. many have very low mileages but all are at quite high prices. Why are owners selling their bikes with such little use. Is it;

* They bought them to sell on at a higher price!

* They are not reliable!

*They are not good to ride!

*They are expensive to run!

* They are not supported and you can't get spares!!!

MCN bias?

I spoke to "that man" at the NEC shows 2 or 3 times. Seemed to have a genuine affection for the brand; told me his dad used to take him to watch the Rotaries race. We shall see how it all pans out. At least with the clout and cash of TVS behind them now, perhaps just for once, Norton really do have a great future ahead of them.

Saturday 5th Sept 2020 meeting of 961s in Peak District

 Few of us have met b4 & this time it’s on the above date 

  “ Yondermann Cafe”

    A623 Wardlow Mires , wardlow,Buxton           SK17 8RW

    Late morning arrival , come on down , all welcome old Norton’s & new ones alike , should be easy to get to for all in middle England , although those of us staying near by are from 200/300 miles away 

Fuelling and Warranty

My 2018 Sport has just been dynoed with reasonable results of 70BHP at the rear wheel and 58ft/lbs of torque - OK ish, but my main concern was the feedback that the fueling was "dangerously" lean.

It has had a 1st service and shorties fitted with a remap - mileage just over 1000 miles.

I am now investigating this with the local Dynojet agent as the long term consequences could be serious.

I did contact SCS-Delta as per Issue 20 but they could not assist on such a "new bike" as the ECU had changed.


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