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Donington Nortons


A technical forum for all modern Nortons made since 2009 in Donington.

Responding to emails etc


Just a heads up, I receive messages via three email accounts, two Facebook accounts (personal and business), Whatsapp and good old fashioned calls/texts. Currently I'm working two jobs, along with house renovation work....add to this occasionally a NOC members email ends up in a junk folder, where its quickly lost amongst the daily barrage of double glazing sales, recruitment agencies and sometimes I do drop the ball and leave someone hanging. Its never intentionally.

E10 fuel issue

Just putting this out there. The 961 did not take to the new E10 fuel, however I should have thought about it as my 961 has been mapped and ‘decatt’d’ . The first time I filled her up after the introduction of E10 it started pinking under load. After stopping the engine it wouldn’t start without smoking and spluttering. Once I drained the tank with a syphon and refilled with’ super unleaded’ E5 it struck up and performed as normal.


Rough Running 2010 Mk 1 961 Sport

My Mk.1 Sport  has started playing up again - will not run smoothly at low speed/revs , it will run fine a higher revs and under load . I have had a power commander fitted  and had it  on a reputable dyno and produced 78 bhp  at the back wheel . It had been running beautifully for about 1500 miles then I got caught in a horrendous traffic jam ( about 15 miles) and it has not run smoothly since .

Sammy Miller fixed my 961

En route to Sammy millers museum my bike fell over & the rear brake mechanism attached to foot rest snapped on two little screws, on arrival at museum we saw Sammy in his work shop & explained my morning’s schoolboy error , Sammy took the broken piece & set to work on his bench & repaired it , eternally grateful & humbled  

Another Newbie...

Afternoon all!  After 11 years of looking, i've finally got enough money together to buy a 961... it arrives Saturday.  '69 plate 961 Sport.  I don't know much about bikes - all i do is ride 'em, stop to admire others' bikes and chat about mine, and clean 'em.  I've had Harleys recently so looking forward to the change.

Talking of change, and being an ex-Harley owner, it would be unsurprising to find out that i'm after some 'bits' to modify my ride already! 

Dominator SS


As a new Norton owner I'm looking for a little advice please.

I've recently acquired a  brand new 2016 Dominator SS. It's been in storage since it was delivered, still in it's factory transport crate. I had to take it out fo the crate to transport it home.

So I would like to put it on the road.

Any help/ideas/info on registering and Dealerships etc... would be greatly appreciated ?




Pillion Seat

Just received my 5 year old 961 Sport Mk II - unfortunately it didn't come with a pillion seat.  Is it possible to buy one 'off the shelf' or is it custom made? I would probably use Saddlecraft for the custom made job.  Thanks  Simon


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