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Donington Nortons


A technical forum for all modern Nortons made since 2009 in Donington.

Workshop Manual

Hi, everyone! I did the craze and bought a nearly unused 961!!!

It is from italy and has a mere 1580 miles on the clock. Runs sweet as a nut....have a 750 Commando from 1972 as well. When first starting it felt like being on the 72' again, but then things changed (grin)....the most important request I have is to please publish the last version of the Workshop Manual. The last one I could get was from 2013. I think a few things have changed since then???

Cheers Hans Toeppich 

Apologies for difficulty in getting hold of me.


Ok for those that dont know, I offer tech support for you guys via the address on the back of the club magazine. If you have an urgent question, feel free to contact me via 07890291584, WhatsApp is my preferred format, but anything is fine really.

I've had a few emails lately, and I'm working through them..... I'm away for the TT right now, but as soon as I'm back, I'll play catch up with the queries you've sent in.

First Gearbox Oil Change - A different filling plug?

Hi - Now it's spring, getting around to the first engine and gearbox change since I have had the bike.  I have Richard Coote's great notes and the service manual - all seems straight forward - except my gearbox oil filling plug is different to what is shown in either the notes or manuals (pic attached) - is it just a vent pipe to be disconnected first?  A Mk 2 modification?  Thanks.

Norton owners at “ The Wharf Inn “ Welford on Sunday 15th May

 It’s an annual event ( apart from last two years) at this pub , on the border of Leicestershire & Northamptonshire , a bunch of 961 s joined in 2018/19 with around 12/13 rolling up , kindly invited by the local NOC group , so get on down chaps to

the wharf inn

Welford  Northampton NN6 6JQ England

    All sorts of nortons there when I attended 4 years ago , a good to destination for sure , see yer there .   


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