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A technical forum for all Rotaries

Parts Supply


Dear Owners,

Here at Andover Norton, we are looking at doing small parts runs for consumable parts for the Rotary owners, but we need to better understand what items you all may need.

Please comment below with Items you may require; Part numbers would be great.


Karl Smith – MD Andover Norton

Preparing Commander engine for a restart - procedure?


Hi everyone, I 'm told there is a special factory procedure for starting Commander engines which have not been used in a while.

The bike I am interested in has potentially not been started or turned over for 10 years and may be longer.

Does anyone have whatever it is that has to be done that they would share please?  It was suggested that I need some RX40??

Is there a way to turn an engine over by hand to see what, if anything is seized? Thanks for reading


Commander police fibreglass wanted


Does anyone know of where I might find the rear full width top cover, single seat and rear fairing piece for the radio antenna and blue lamp for an ex West Midlands Police Commander please? The rest of the bike is complete, albeit painted grey.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for reading. Norman

Classic petrol tap


Hi there - I need a petrol tap for my Classic. I can only find one for the Commander, which looks similar but it is mounted on the offside - if I fit it to the classic the fuel outlet will point forward, not a big deal but would like correct part. 

Anyone know where I can get the correct tap? Was it used on another bike? Steve

restarting laid up engine


Hi all.

Looking for info, upon buying my commander I have stripped all the panels off prior to repainting haven’t decide on colour yet.

I have removed plugs and put oil in the cylinders and air cleaner ducting plenty of and revolved the back wheel in gear as advised by startright for the last couple of weeks



sorry for asking too many questions but im told the forks etc are off a xj900 yamaha the fork stanchions are pitted badly so need replacing now are they all same year on year ie length and diameter or doi i find some off the same year as my bike 1989

regards trev

Norton Commander Paint


Hi there - first post on this forum (I have posted on the Commando site). Recently bought a Commander and need to repaint the fairing, does anyone have a close match paint for the dark metallic grey they used? I can only find codes for earlier Nortons. It is an old Interpol I have so it was white and want to paint it a civilian colour.


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