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Light Twins


A technical forum for Jubilee, Navigator and Electra

Jubilee clutch plates


I have a 1959 Jubilee with a 1961 engine. The clutch lever is quite heavy to operate. I have eight plates in mine, the manual for the year shows seven plates, I believe the manual is wrong and it should show eight plates. My question is can I get away with seven plates to make the clutch lever easier to operate. Would there be any problem in lightly oiling the plates before fixing the clutch cover on.



Jubilee Handlebars


Bit of help/advice please. I've started the resto on my 1962 Jubilee. The handlebars are one piece/moulded lever mounts(see attached word doc). Are these the correct bars for the bike? Secondly I'm struggling to find any info on the bars or spares for the rubber mounts that go under the four cup washers. I'm assuming these are AMC parts of some type? Any info and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Gary.



Jubilee idling too fast.


My 1964 Jubilee has been running fine for a while but since yesterday the engine idles too fast.

I have not changed anything. I am running a standard carb and Pazon ignition. The Pazon ignition has been reliable so far so it seems like a carb problem but I can't find the fault.

Oil leak


Hi everyone. I need to buy a new oil seal for my Navigator but don't know what it's called, can you help please. It's located on the top of the left hand engine casing, when sat on the bike, where a black wire goes into the casing. Oil is oozing out and drowning the drive chain. I can then order one from the Shop.


Andy James.

Camshaft bush play


I am trying to restore a 1961 Navigator. The crankcases are now split. The camshafts have some play in the bushes on the timing side of about 4 thousand on an inch with a bit of ovality. On the primary side it’s onstage 2 thou.

Whilst the bushes have plenty of meat on them I am worried that if I don’t do something some thing about I will have a noisy engine and difficulties with tapper clearance.   

Am I being overly cautious? Any advice would be welcome.

Jubilee rear stop light switch


Ive recently replaced the rear brake pads. The problem I have now is that there is very little movement of the brake pedal assembly, not enough to pull the brake switch to activate the brake light.The only thing I can think of is to slightly release the rear wing nut to drop the brake pedal (just a bit) and then use a separate spring to keep it pulled back. This should then give me the small amount of movement to bring the brake light on. Does anyone know of a better way of doing it.

I bought a universal brake light from Feked spares. part number: fksw043-a9


Jubilee Front Brake adjuster/mudguard bracket


Finally managed to obtain a pair of front mudguard stays for my Jubilee Deluxe, now I just have to fit the mudguard and the front brake adjuster  bracket !

My bike has brake on the RHS and round bottom forks, I have seen previous posts suggesting that I fit another mudguard bracket just for the brake adjuster, above the one supporting the mudguard.


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