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Heavy Twins


A technical forum for Model 7 to Mercury

Noisy tappets


I know the Dommie doesn't have the quietest valve gear. But this morning I tried to find the source of the clatter on mine. I'm not convinced it's worse than others but...

The first slimline


Looking in Roy Bacons early book I see a factory photo of an 88 or 99 DL which has been well used on the road but is fitted with  non standard side panels and  tank badges  ,it would appear to be a pre production prototype .  I know that plenty were assembled during 1959  for the 60 season.  I am curious  if this was the First slimline?.  It could make sense because the DL WAS  the reason for the birth of the slimline , despite press releases to the contrary!. Those ugly sisters 88/99 DL are the reason we all have to suffer those uncomfortable beaded top slimline seats ! .

transmission serial numbers


I've been looking around on the web and this forum for information on Norton transmission serial numbers with not much luck. The serial # on my bikes transmission  is N24006. Can any one point me to a source that contains information re this transmission, when was it made etc.? Thanking you in advance for any and all information.

TLS brake cam orientation


Just finished servicing the TLS   , looking at an online  vid  it appears that the shoe cams  (which are not symetrical)  can be fitted two ways.   Cam nose inwards or outwards ,  Mine are out , the opposite of the Video !!.    Can't see any helpfull drawings  ,  Think mine are right   ?.



Hi, Just bought a 99 that needs a little work. The kickstart hits the exhaust pipe under the gearbox. Is this a common problem or will another type of kickstart solve the problem.

Also, which Handlebars are correct for a 1960 Dominator 99. Straight or slight rise. 

Rocker oil feed pipe


Hi. A few months ago I bought a rocker feed pipe top section from Norvil for my Dommie 99 project. The pipe is advertised as being for Dominators.  The pipe is copper and has a brass tee-piece with a copper tube and banjo fitting at each end (photo below). The problem I’ve discovered is that the arms of the ‘T’ are too short to get the banjos to fit onto the banjo bolts in the cylinder head - the head steady blocks the routing. I’m thinking of de-soldering the banjos and replacing the small sections of pipe. Does that sound possible?

Identifying Brake shoes.


I have been keeping my eye out for some spare  shoes to get relined and ready for a quick swop. Both types SLS and TLS .  Have been concerned at the variety and  lack of  conformity in the  pictures and descriptions  of the items for sale .  Is there any  pictorial  information availiable that shows the variety of shoes availiable  ?.

sprocket/Rotor Spacer


I have a spacer which according to ANIL fits between the driver engine sprocket and armature rotor. Can anyone confirm this is correct? There is no mention about this spacer in my Haynes 650cc workshop manual.

I have what might be the spacer but it will not pass over the sprocket's woodruff key, since I have not yet removed the woodruff key I am sure the 'spacer' was NOT fitted when I took the primary side apart to fit my side stand.


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