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Heavy Twins


A technical forum for Model 7 to Mercury

99 dominator timing gears


Hi All,

         Can any one possibly give me a simple explanation of how to time up the crankshaft with the half time pinion and the camshaft on a 99 dominator. I get the ten rollers apart bit on the chain, and i know about the 11o'clock position for the sprocket marks, and have the two punch marks on the gears meshed..

What is throwing me is, the Haynes manual says the ENGINE should be at T.D.C. when punch marks are aligned and the cam sprocket and intermediate sprocket are a 11 o'clock and clearly the engine is not at T.D.C. It's not far off but it's still not T.D.C. 

Crankshaft end oil seal


hello all,

ive struck a problem with the primary side crankshaft end seal. It was leaking badly so I have replaced the seal. on the next run out it’s still leaking, the seal was the correct dimensions and of the correct thickness. Has anyone else suffered similarly, if so what was the cure? The machine is a Dominator 88 of 1955 .



Engine Paint


Has anyone got any experience of using Hammerite Gloss Black aerosol on engine mounting plates and the inner primary chaincase or do I need to use a high temperature paint as would be used on the barrels? 

Thanks, Paul.

Desperate - home visit needed!


See my thread on here about Dommie chaincase nut - then read on...

In the absence of any info on restarting Club nights - Is there a person on here who lives near enough to Farnsfield - NG22 8LD - who has Dommie experience, to make a home visit?  Reasonable expenses paid, tea/coffee and biscuits provided during consulting and probably a bottle of something to take home if successful.

Yours in desperation.


PS - I’ve written to Andover, Norvil and RGM setting out the problem with pics. Andover have replied and have no idea. Awaiting other responses.

1962 Dommie clutch plate conundrum


For the first time i noticed some clutch slip, definitely not the pushrod adjustment first thing i checked.up to now have used tqf in the case but last time i only had some Silkolene classic 20/50. Dismantled clutch and plates were quite dry and plenty of friction material although it looks very black and ‘cooked’ want to change for new plates but need to be sure i get right ones. My original service book shows friction on the clutch centre, then plain chainwheel, another friction, plain etc, total of 4 full friction and 4 plain, last one is then single sided friction.

Dommie Primary Chaincase nut


I believe I have built the engine/plates etc correctly. The rear chaincase fitted a dream. The alternator and clutch and chain - no probs. But... the primary chaincase cover - with rubber seal lightly lubed with red silicon grease will not go on far enough to allowing me to get the rubber seal/finisher washer and chrome nut onto it’s thread.  I’ve tried without the rubber washer and finisher and I can get the nut on - just. Very fearful of warping the cover.What am I doing wrong? Photos attached.




I have decided to fit the side stand to my 650SS recently bought. I have the outer and inner primary chain cases removed, are there any upgrades for the clutch and alternator while it is apart and awaiting spares? Yes it does have a very heavy clutch operation.

I am gradually reading through the technical section on our website so will gather information slowly.

I haven't ridden a Dommi in many years is it my imagination or is it heavier now?

Many thanks Roger

Dominator Technical Directory


WELL DONE EVERYONE connected with this new directory!  Excellent work, thank you very much!  

I couldn't find data for the bolt through the top rear shocks on the Wideline frame, but I have at least one original anyway.  Mine are 5/16" BSF with reduced hex heads.

I will  have a good read of it later.

650 SS side stand


In have just bought a nice looking 650SS advertised in our website. I bought a side stand for it but where does it fit? There is a side stand shown on Andover Norton's website, so I guess it should fit.

I guess it is meant to fit before the CENTRE STAND on the near side lower frame rails but the only position it has a chance of fitting is right up near the lower engine mount which is obviously wrong or way back.

Thanks for your help. Roger



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