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A technical forum for Commandos

Dubious quality product.


This is the 3rd Commando stop light switch (WW10141 previously a Lucas #34815) that I have replaced in so many years due to the rubber boot having perished. They are Taiwanese reproductions but is there an alternative quality item on the market?

AMC Gearbox oil level


I can't imagine it could possibly make that much difference but, as I don't have a center stand it has raised the question of, should the oil level should be checked with the bike on its wheels, or on the center stand?  I use a paddock stand which lifts the rear up really quite high which could make a difference   After an evenings reading I can't find any reference to this point anywhere. (probably because it irrelavant).

850 Gearbox


Hi, I'm new to Commando's and I've a Mk 1 850, I noticed oil mist from the 2 bolts at the front of the gearbox that are quite inaccessible but managed to get a spanner on them to nip them up only to find it feels like they're changing the gears upon turning the bolts !!!! what's going on and what's the worst can happen ???gearbox bolts

Front brake


My Mk3 Commando has a sleeved down master cylinder, braided Goodrich pipes, AP racing caliper and an RGM 11 inch floating disc but the brakes are only adequate even by comparison to a friends bike with none of the above. The pads have plenty of meat on them. I can only assume that its the pads. Can anyone recommend good pads for this caliper that may give better braking?

Fuel on the continent


I'm planning an Alps trip on my Commando and wondered whether anybody can advise as to the general availability of E5/non-ethanol fuel at petrol filling stations on the continent ?

I guess this topic will also interest those riding to the Czech rally 

Engine barrels and head painted silver


Hi All

I have a 1971 Norton Commando Fastback.

I am doing a full rebuild and I'm in the process of putting the bike  back together.

Most people paint their barrels black, but I want to keep with the original colour for the year silver.

The question is what brand to use.

I can only find hi temp silver in Matt 1200 degrees. or aluminium .

Does anybody know if the colour of the 71 was in fact an aluminium colour or silver and was the head painted as well or left raw unpainted. 

Any help would be good. 



850 pistons


Hi All Again!

Just got some new +040 pistons from the club shop, my old ones had valve cutaways but the new ones don't? I've got a 4S cam fitted, will there be clearance issues?



Kickstart clouting silencer!


New to a Commando and to the forum so any advice welcome.

Just bought a '72 Roadster, was enjoying it till started looking deeper into issues, but battery has given up the ghost, one of my fears as turning this lump over will take some current for the Alton electric foot!

However, when battery wouldn't crank had to do it the real way, no issues with starting but kickstart hitting silencer on down stroke and contact on return stops kickstart returning.


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