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A technical forum for Commandos

Rim and tyre choices


I have recently acquired a 1973 Commando Interstate 850 and as part of the restoration want to rebuild the wheels with alloy rims and stainless spoke onto which I wish to fit modern tyres.  There appears to be so much contradictory advice on wheel size, rim width and tyre size that I am somewhat confused.  I like the modern design of the Avon Roadrider or Metzler Roadtec 01 but have no experience of either of them as my last Commando was a 1968 fastback and that was 40 years ago when there as very little tyre choice.  I would be very grateful for any advice and recommendations before I shel

Leaking fuel bowl on '73


Dual 32mm 900 concentrics.

Fuel bowl leak on RH side.

Few lessons learned in case they are any use:

Problem traced to the brass float bowl seat. Use a small bolt underneath to tap it out. If it it slips through the hole and touches the seat face its toast. Not sure if was bad to start with but sure finished up that way.

Replacement ref: 622/121 from Burlen and £4.27 bargain except they currently have a 4 week lead time for manufacture. No-one else seems to stock them so its £32.00 for a whole new float bowl.

Rear mudguard (fender) fitment


Good afternoon all,

please go easy on me, this my first ever forum post...

5 months ago ago I purchased a 1970 commando fastback, completely disassembled, foolish, daft or just plain stupid, I don't know. But.... I like a challenge!

Anyway, the bike is now almost built up, the next expense will be the repaint of the tank, fishtail and side panels. Can anyone recommend a fuel tank liner, my tank is fibreglass and already has had a previous liner treatment.

750 short stroke engine


Evening all,

My 1972 Roadster has a short stroke engine which was fitted by Mick Hemmings many years ago.


It runs nicely  but I would like to check the valve clearances. Am I right in assuming that they are 6 & 8 thou as per the 750? Also what plugs are recommended?


Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for written spec for these engines and a source of spares should I need them?



Commando gearing


Now then...I now have a Registration number from the DVLA and have been for a trundle...clearly I have a gearing issue..30mph/2000rpm it rockets up to 100mph in 5th at nearly 7000rpm, any thoughts?Norton 810 Sleeper

Nourish crankshaft wanted



I am assisting to build a twin engine up for classic sidecar racing. Would anybody have an 89mm stroke Nourish one piece crankshaft, and possibly a set of Carillo connecting rods that they may wish to sell.  I am based in Sydney Australia, so appreciate that this will incur an additional packing and postage cost.

Thanks in anticipation - Geoff

needle jet question


Hi to all , quick question on needle jet sizes on a pair of standard 932 carbs , they have the cut away spray tube , andover norton only list the 106 needle jet but Haynes manual says 104 if its the cut away tube . It is currenly fitted with a 106 and needle was fitted on middle groove which should explain why it has been running sooty black , wondering how much difference the jet itself will make , any opinions appreciated , thanks


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