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A technical forum for Commandos

750 short stroke engine


Evening all,

My 1972 Roadster has a short stroke engine which was fitted by Mick Hemmings many years ago.


It runs nicely  but I would like to check the valve clearances. Am I right in assuming that they are 6 & 8 thou as per the 750? Also what plugs are recommended?


Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for written spec for these engines and a source of spares should I need them?



Commando gearing


Now then...I now have a Registration number from the DVLA and have been for a trundle...clearly I have a gearing issue..30mph/2000rpm it rockets up to 100mph in 5th at nearly 7000rpm, any thoughts?Norton 810 Sleeper

Nourish crankshaft wanted



I am assisting to build a twin engine up for classic sidecar racing. Would anybody have an 89mm stroke Nourish one piece crankshaft, and possibly a set of Carillo connecting rods that they may wish to sell.  I am based in Sydney Australia, so appreciate that this will incur an additional packing and postage cost.

Thanks in anticipation - Geoff

needle jet question


Hi to all , quick question on needle jet sizes on a pair of standard 932 carbs , they have the cut away spray tube , andover norton only list the 106 needle jet but Haynes manual says 104 if its the cut away tube . It is currenly fitted with a 106 and needle was fitted on middle groove which should explain why it has been running sooty black , wondering how much difference the jet itself will make , any opinions appreciated , thanks

Vacuum gauges on 73 Commando



I wanted to check the sync on my Amal carbs.

I had a pair of old gauges that I fitted to the top tubes on my Amals which have a length of hose joining them together. Massive deflection and then they both broke.

Any links to set up and operation of twin gauges/dampers would be great. I'm due another set but want to make sure I'm doing this right.

Was going to set up as per this thread:

Synching Twin Carbs - GreasyGringoGreasyGringo




Oil leak


I know this has been mentioned before but cannot find it.

I have a oil leak from the tacho drive ,it has had a new seal fitted some while back,but i seem to recall a modification that would fix it once and for all.

Any help much appreciated.

Dunstall 810 Sleeper Insurance


Now, then, the paperwork is here and I have my V5 now then to Insure the bike..This is a genuine direct from Dunstall Sleeper model exported to the USA , I have a variety of paperwork I even have hand written starting instructions from the man himself! Clearly this is a Commando but..there are very few of this model in existence how should I insure it...I cant really do it on line as the first question is has it been modified..well yes as a Commando but No as a Dunstall sleeper. Any advice much appreciated

Camshaft identification


Is there a way of identifying the camshaft while it’s still in the bike?

Genuinely asking for my friend that bought a bike that was apparently raced, he has been going through it and has difficulty getting it going, he is concerned that there might be a race cam inside but the thought of stripping the engine again is leaving him really dejected.   

If we don’t have any luck, is there any experts in the Aldershot area that would be willing to pop round and give an opinion.

I’m a Norton novice, my friend is 88 and had Dominators for a few years. 


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