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A technical forum for Commandos

Gearbox reassembly problem

I'm rebuilding my gearbox. Bearings, shafts, gears and consumables are all brand new from Andover Norton. Everything appears to rotate as it should with the inner cover in place but without tightening the mainshaft nut or the nuts on the mounting studs. But tightening either of these locks up the mainshaft and sleeve gear. I've successfully rebuilt a Commando gearbox before (albeit many years ago). What can be the issue here?


I'd appreciate some further guidance with this please. Which way does the lower gearbox stud go round? It's not obvious to me why one side has a lot more thread than the other. The old worn one was the same but I didn't pay enough attention when I took it out - supprise, supprise! Thanks   Roger

Mk2a front adjustable iso’s

Hi all, after having my crankshaft balanced & main bearings done, I'm still chasing severe handlebar vibration up to 3500rpm when it smooths out, impossible to use mirrors at town speeds. Adjusting the iso' s from 1.5 holes to 1/2 turn doesn't make much difference. looking at the ISO's side on, the front one has collapsed by about 0.100"(photo) & rear is skewed by 0.070" forwards on the o/s, seems to be sq on the n/s, doesn't look like it's collapsed. I've stripped the front one, can't really see anything but, the rubbers are misaligned on the shaft(photo) Whats the general opinion ple

Bored with wet sumping

I've been draining the sump and pouring it back on my '70 Commando after it's wet sumped for a few years now. As I only ride the bike once a week at most I'm having to do it each time I want to go for a ride and it's spoiling the spontaneity of it all.

Proper oil circulation

It's been a blast and a worthwhile effort to replace gaskets, fit a new pcv breather and an anti-sump valve.  The light rain of oil coming from this '71 Norton has decreased to an errant drop now and again.  (Still trying to find that...)  When I go to sleep at night, I rest well knowing my oil tank will be full in the morning.  =) With the addition of the anti-sump and an aftermarket exrernal oil filter, I do however notice a decrease in oil circulation.  I'm guessing that's OK (figuring any oil circulation is a good sign) but I'm curious to know what you all think.....  Hopefully I can get

Which lift table for a Commando.

Hello, please can you share thoughts about table lifts. I am looking at Sealey 365 or Clarke CML3 to lift a Commando. I like the idea of the different lift heights of the Sealey, but the platform looks short and the rear wheel hang off the back of the table. The Clarke looks like it has a longer platform but only one lift height. Any advice from your experiences (wheel clamping: strapping down: access to the bike: using main stand, etc.) would be welcome. Thank you, MarkO  

Commando Mk3 rear master cylinder rubber seal

The dust cover on the rear master cylinder keeps being damaged by the kickstart pinch bolt head. I've replaced this several times, but now wonder if there are any tips on how to prevent this. Perhaps an alternative dust cover has been found to work, or changing the pinch bolt from a hexagon head to a button head Allen bolt. Any ideas welcome.


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