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NOC Neck Rings now in Stock - Black and Red

I hope all members recieved their neck rings OK in the December issue of RDH.

You may not be aware that there are two colours - Black and Red.

So if you have a Black and would like to buy a Red one....

Or if you have a Red one and would like to buy a Black one....

Stop tax on motorcycles moving to / from EU

Seek to end taxation on transporting privately owned motorcycles to/from the EU.

The Government must make an agreement with the EU to allow third parties to transport motorcycles, used for tourism, to and from the EU duty & tax free and agree with the EU that only a letter of authority from the motorcycle owners will be needed to transport motorcycles through the EU border

NOC Events Van – Assistance Needed, Please!!

We’re still looking for a semi-permanent parking-home for our ELWB Mercedes Sprinter Hi-Top. This needs to be reasonably centrally located (say within or close to the borders of the M4 / M5 / southern M6 / M1 ‘square’ to ensure reasonable access for our national events, and be reasonably accessible at any time, though drivers collecting the van could provide notice if necessary.



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