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A technical forum for all single cylinder Nortons

Norton International eguipment


Hello Iam looking for lights and other missing things on my international for road use.

Have somebody Lucas illustrated equipment booklet for Norton motorcycles from pre war internationals?

and other instruments levers are manufactured from what firm?

seat whas what tipe?manufactured?



Exhaust noise


Today I added this. It takes the edge off the noise but I've yet to find out what it does to the performance. My neighbour asked why I's not as if I get up at dawn every it might come back off!

Held with 2BA stainless set screws. The 1+5/8" size is a snug fit in the 1+3/4 tail pipe. Screw threads are Araldited. I hope they don't unwind and jam the thing inside the box...

Enfield hub bearing adjustment



On my 31 model 20, I followed the hand book advice on bearing adjustment.

I set the bearing with very slight play. Then tightened the left axle nut ( right is already tight ) and all my play is gone!. I loosen off axle nut and make small adjustment then tighten the nut. Once again all my play is gone..20 minutes later I finally got it but I had to put a fair amount of play in first before tightening the axle nut..Seems to me every time the rear wheel comes out one needs to adjust the bearings which doesn't seem right or am I missing something here?? .

Twin port on a model 18


Hi, I'm trying to fit a twin port head which is probably model 20 onto my 30's model 18. Ive noticed the valves stick out of the guide (top of guide) more on the model 18 head as they do on the twin port model 20. My question is do I need longer valves or shorter springs ? the model 18 rocker box fits, I'm just hoping that the rockers are in the right location. Any help on what valve spec or so would be great. Ive enclosed two pics.

Laydown Gearbox shifting issue on my 51 ES2.


. I've done just 200 miles on my laydown,1951 gearbox; my first gearbox rebuild. It shifts nicely: finds first and neutral easily and always downshifts as it should. and again, when I  select 3rd I get nothing. Feel no resistance on the shift lever. Let out the clutch and I'm still in second. Try again and same thing. Shifts into 3rd easily if I shift without the clutch. Then when continuing up to 4th I feel resistance on the shift lever but after letting out clutch still not quite in 4th. But if I keep slight pressure on the shift-lever it clicks into 4th.

1930 M 18



Can anyone tell me what carb would have been originally fitted to my 1930 model 18? And if anyone has one for sale.

Many thanks,




Whether to buy a 350 or 500


After using my Commando and a couple of other bikes for 15 years, I have decided it is time to add to the garage. I had decided on a 16h but after weeks of looking, I cant find anything quite right.  A friend of mine then suggested a model 50. The mod 50 is obviously a smaller engine but is ohv rather than the side valve of a 16h.

Whether I went for a 50 or 16h, it would have to have girder forks so I am looking for 1930s to mid 1940s era.

Tim Hunt and the left hand twist grip.


Was it here we were discussing the above? I'm sure this virus is confusing me...

 Anyhow, I remember the mention of the above and thoughts/ merits of left hand control.  during my  frequent visits to John and Simon's Vintage Norton site I came across this little snippet from a Binks Carb manual the boys had saved for us. They actually sold specific left hand Twistgrips for use with throttle or Ignition.  Tim Hunt used it on many of his works machines,  buyt  I have not  spotted any other rider using it.   


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