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A technical forum for all single cylinder Nortons

16h valve timing?


I have restored a 1937 16h and it is not starting! It coughs and fires but won’t quite catch. It seems to be spitting fuel out the back of the carb over the oil tank - is that normal? I wondered if I may have the valve timing incorrect?


Starting problems 500T


I am taking on a 1948 500T.  It was rebuilt about 12 years ago and have problems kicking over.  Apparently the chap who rebuilt it could not start it.  I am inheriting this motorcycle and wonder if anyone can tell me key points to check?  The fuel tap leaked and whilst have replaced with another (used) there is still a slight leak so will need to address this.  The Amal carb leaked but that has been sorted.  It almost started, backfired several times.  I am green when it comes to motorcycle mechanics but keen to learn.  I have someone helping me but he is not familiar with Nortons.  The bik

1937 16H Carb?


What carb should be fitted to my 1937 Norton 16h (Civilian Model) please?

It has a 276 AE/1BE fitted, which I believe is a WD type - would this make any difference?



Parts 1936 16h


I need to source a primary chaincase outer retaining nut for my Norton 1936 16h

any source info greatly appreciated?

Also I live in Surrey is there someone in this area that is able to service this type of bike

Norton 1952 es2 gearbox


Hi working on the laydown gear box, the 13 rollers in the sleeve gear held in by a thin washer,but spot welded in place, is this the washer they mean in the book. Or is there another thin washer to go on that,then the bronze one.Also camplate and quad bushes best drifted out or drawn out with cap head bolt and tube and nut method,have new oilite ones.Tapping sleeve gear in and out,with mallet will it damage bearing or other method.

Interesting bitsa at Pugh's auction


A plunger ES2 with Inter engine fitted went for £7,000 at the recent Pugh's auction. That of course was the hammer price - commission to be added but still looks like a decent price to me.

Rear chain


Does anyone know if it is safe to fit a 5/8*3/8 chain for use with the gearbox on a 1956 E.S.2 that has only been used with a 5/8*1/4 chain before ( with appropriate sprockets of course)? The thread in the swinging arm for the chain tension adjustment is damaged so tension adjustment is awkward and I have sprockets for the bigger chain but, obviously, do not wish to risk a gearbox lockup.. . 


Norton 1952 es2 gearbox issues


Have a issue with laydown gearbox changing gears,getting harder to change 2 and 3 gear.Did notice bolt heads on camplate and quadrant outside box wiggle around when changing gears.Thinking the bushes worn,causing the problem,did change bearings gear bushes some yeas ago,but camplate and quadrant bushes okay at the time,some thoughts would be great? Thank's Barrie



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