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Nortons - General

A technical forum for subjects common to more than one Norton Model type

Looking for a DVD "John Hudson Gearbox Strip"

Does anybody have a copy of the DVD from the NOC entitled "John Hudson Gearbox Strip " in PAL format that they no longer want/need? I don't think it's ever going to be back in stock at the "NOC Shop" somehow.. Thanks, Kevin


(I know I posted a similar question a few weeks back, but for some odd reason I can't find it anywhere....)

Speedometer repair

Hi all.

The speedo on my MK3 commando is in need of refurbishment. Can anyone recommend someone who can carry out this work. It would be handy if they are in the South East but, I will post nationally if not.

Thanks for any info.


Norton T shirt

Don't want to get into any of the COVID politics, but I stumbled across a story of an Australian couple desperate to see his father, terminally ill with cancer. Eventually "the system" relented, and they were granted early release from quarantine, and Mark Kilian was able to be with him as he passed. Why have I posted this? Because Frans Kilian was pictured wearing a fantastic Norton T-shirt as he lay in his hospital bed.

Well done Frans, sorry to hear of your passing, but boy what style!


Kick-start shaft

Further to my post last month of a new kick-start shaft being too big for my AMC gearbox. Thanks to John Holmes for advice. RGM kindly refunded my money and I found someone to fit a bush to my original kick-start shaft. 

My problem now is that I have fitted the shaft as per DVD but the hole for the kick-start spring seems to be in wrong position. The hole is facing upwards not to the side as shown on DVD. 

Any suggestions would be extremely welcome as frustration is setting in!!


Is there a growing issue with manuals? Several recent posts seem to have been placed by new owners who don't seem to have a manual for Dominators in particular.  RGM list the Hayne, but Haynes don't list it as far as I cam see. An the Neill book seems be out of print. Should this be a matter of concern for the Club? Prewar ones seem to e available on the Net, but not the Dommie ones.

Amal Carb. A salutary story

Nearing the end of a 50 mile good run on my '55 ES2 with it running very well it suddenly started spluttering and coughing. I pulled over to find fuel peeing out of the Amal Monobloc from - it appeared - the float chamber. "Ah!" I thought, "Needle valve/float problem!" I removed the float chamber end cap, float and needle valve, flushed the inlet through with a quick opening of the tap, wiped everything clean and reassembled. No difference. I repeated the exercise but this time removed the whole inlet valve assembly, again blowing through and checking that the needle valve closed OK.

Petrol Tank Covers

Hi all. Has anyone had a decent Tank Cover made for their Norton. I have a "BagLux" cover on my Yamaha and would like something similar for my Mk3 Interstate. 

It would be good to know a supplier who has undertaken such a product and even better if they were based in South East England!

Many thanks in anticipation.



Jimmy Guthrie

Dear Norton Club Members, 

I was hoping you can help me with a new project. I live up in the Scottish Borders and have an interest in Jimmy Guthrie. As such i have been over the last five years collecting parts to build a replica of his TT wining "Inter". I am looking for any pictures of his bike. If anybody by any chance does have any photo's i am happy to purchase them if they are for sale or if you would allow a copy i am more than happy to cover any costs. Hope you can help me get this project moving forward.

Thanks all in advance


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