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Control cables


I need advice please. Currently restoring a 1959 ES2 and I have a control cable which I cant locate where it should go. It’s 118 cms/46/5 inches in length and has an adjustment on it. I have 5 control cables in position on the handlebars. Clutch, Front Brake, Air control, Throttle, Exhaust valve. Any ideas where it should go.

Thank you. 


Not sure they were still manual advance at the time but maybe it’s not as original…

You should have a lever on the left similar to choke lever (but opposite hand),  it would then run down to the mag Dyno, rear end for connection to the cam plate adjuster.



Some people run a spare clutch cable alongside the operating one, so they can get going quickly if a nipple snaps off.


Hi Paul,

   Can you upload a photo ? The clutch and front brake cables are a thicker section than the other cables, so that might indicate its purpose.


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