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Magneto sprocket key way?


Just removed the magneto sprocket on my 1935Es2, after a struggle. The sprocket doesn't have a key way slot and neither does any that I have seen for sale i.e. Rgm and racing Norton, but the magneto shaft does. Any idea why this is the case? Also the shaft isn't anywhere near central in relation to the aperture in the case. I'm thinking maybe that's why the sprocket was such a pig to remove as the boss on the sprocket was stuck on the inside of the aperture in someway. I need advice please if someone can help.


No key - mag sprocket needs to be able to be positioned about the shaft to set the timing . The taper fit is more than adequate to keep it from slipping. They are indeed difficult to remove as you discovered.

There are several threads somewhere describing tools that can be made to aid in removal.


If the taper is in decent condition there's no need fr anything else. If not, lap it in with some fine grinding paste.


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