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Denis Parkinson Post-War Manx


As an aside to the post I made regarding JEC Purnell, the 1946 Manx I'm in the process of becoming the custodian of was apparently raced by Denis Parkinson, though I'm yet to be able to confirm that. Does anyone know of any records which would detail which particular bikes were raced by whom and at which events? Long shot, but hey, I'm an optimist.

The bike was restored by Ian Beveridge in Ramsbottom, Lancs, in the early 1990s and it's in his notes that the mention of Denis is made.


Here in deepest, snow-covered Poland, I received a call last night from our esteemed Chairman and Webmaster, Paul Smith. We had a chat about my earlier above posting in this thread, and we agreed I should reply here.

Classic motorcycling as we presently know it is dying: it may not yet be in its death throes, but the reading of the entrails is clear. The forthcoming ban on new ICE vehicles will certainly include motorcycles: “...the Department for Transport announcing that from 2035, “all new L-category vehicles to be fully zero emissions at the tailpipe”. L-category vehicles, or Powered Light Vehicles, comprise powered two and three-wheelers (motorbikes, mopeds etc), quadricycles and 'micro cars'.”, according to this item on the website-

Whether or not we agree with the Green Zealots and their acolytes, they have won the war, not by dint of reasoned argument, but by shouting the loudest, shooting down any questioning as Deniers, and stifling any possible debate.

This ban will inevitably I fear extend to existing ICE vehicles, except under very limited circumstances. Petrol- powered bikes will seem as relevant as steam traction engines or stamp collecting. This makes the well-being of the marque clubs very important, to maintain a healthy bike scene for as long as possible.

This Club conducted a membership survey some while back, and whilst I cannot recall the average age, it was well into and past “middle age”, and the number of new younger recruits is not enough to stem the number of us oldies dropping off our perches.

I am proud to be a member of the NOC: when I look at other club offerings, we are head and shoulders above many. The membership fees are in my opinion very reasonable, the Club Calendar must surely be one of the best out there, and we have an excellent Spares Scheme.

So it is easy to forget that these things do not appear by some sort of magic, but by the hard work of the various officers who run the club activities, and also the branch members who put in sterling work at various shows to put up Club stands and so forth. If you think a better job could be done, please step forward at the next AGM. Remember, this is all voluntary- the NOC is not a commercial organisation except as regards the Limited Company status necessary for the legal protection of its officers, as has been well documented in the past.

My comment about Paul putting up a private number was not done with malice aforethought: we are after all constantly advised to be alert to some of the less savoury characters on the internet trawling for personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers for nefarious purposes- indeed such a scam was posted on this very website recently of someone phoning a club member and claiming to be “The (Roadholder) editor”, fortunately to no adverse effect. Our Club website provides the means for us to contact each other privately via the Personal Messaging facility: I have used this myself in the past, and recommend other members to do so as well where appropriate.

As Paul posts above, he did check with Max Groves prior to posting, who was happy for his number to appear on here. So for the record, anyone who interpreted my well- intended if misguided chive as meaning that Paul is in the habit of freely putting up personal information about other members, that is certainly not the case, and I offer my apologies to Paul for this error.


Ian thanks for the e mails following on from my PM.

I have started making enquiries locally and will pass on whatever comes up in due course..

The Manx was stored mostly out of sight and quite a few people have been surprised that Ian even owned one.

Be in touch.



I now feel that the Denis Parkinson connection is spurious. I have discovered that his name was only added to the documentation in the past two years or so and I suspect that it was done without sufficient or accurate research. Thank you to all those who have contacted me about this matter. The only thing I know for certain is that it went to JEC Purnell in Aug 1946 and it was he who raced at the 1946 Manx Grand Prix, perhaps on this bike.


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