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Lightweight Tank Badges


I am investigating Lightweight Tank Badges. I Understand there is a shortage. SO does anybody need them? What is the availability? Has anybody any thoughts on re-manufacture?

Please contact me direct so I can pool information. 


Hi Alan,

You mean the fuel tank badges yes?

I have a pair with heavy bettina! Looked at getting them re-chromed - was going to cost about £250!!  So yes - I’d be interested!


Sadly - the patina you are talking about on these badges cannot easily be got rid of - as its a reaction between dissimilar metals - the chrome on top, and the mazak below. The chap may have trouble rechroming them, or he will polish them to within an inch of their lives.

Any we make will (probably) be very expensive!


Here is my collection of Lightweight tank badges I accumulated over the years.


Last year I found two pairs on Ebay Germany.

One pair is very smooth and nicely chromed.


 This one came with my Navigator , it is cast aluminium. I lost the left one during the restoration.

alu badge

The rear end has been welded because the holes for the srews did not line up with the holes in the tank. I guess it was cast from an original zamac badge. Would be an alternative to cast them in aluminium which can be easily polished to a nice shine.

corroded badge

This is how they look like normally


Nobody has contacted me direct, and I see there is no shortage.

End of Subject.


What is needed is a way to rescue the existing badges. As Uli found, making new ones using the old ones as a pattern does not work - as aluminium shrinks.

To cast a new set would involve making oversize models - which I guess is the direction Al Oz was going. Once a correct scale model is made, new one could be casy. But the cleaning, polishing & chroming would be prohibitive.

Hence finding a solution to rescuing existing badges may be better?


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