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New 961s ?

Norton boss Hentschel on the MCN website:

"...the parallel twin 961 Commando also under the microscope and currently not listed as models on the company website. Hentschel explained: "I would like to finalise at the end of this year, a clear view on whether we go ahead with the 961. That’s still an open question because we’re looking at the re-engineering of that bike."

So the Commando might not be dead after all?

PS as somebody else commented elsewhere in another forum, looks like we need a post- Donnington tab for the list of forum topics!


Couldn't we just form a separate club for everything designed by Pa Norton / Moore / Carroll / Craig / Franks, Hopwood, Trigg & Hooper ? It could be a proper club too, with a committee instead of secretive directors !


Richard seems to ignore the fact that people join the NOC, not motorcycles. Those people have an interest in Nortons, which is the requirement. Many members with 961's and Rotaries have other Nortons and have no interest in joining another Club because one  of their Norton's is a post NVT bike. Didn't we all, or at least most of us, rejoice in the Norton Rotary victory in the TT? Why in any case would we wish to deprive owners of more recent Nortons to be able exchange information on our website or attend Club events?

As for secrecy, as a Director I am completely committed to open government of the Club but very occasionally confidentiality is required but only in exceptional or unavoidable situations. If, for example, our Club was the subject of legal action and the Insurers required matters to be kept confidential there would be, in effect, no choice but for the Directors to follow that requirement.

We also have a policy of treating disciplinary matters involving individual members as confidential.

I am responding to a post on the 961 forum, but most of the above issues are matters more appropriately aired within "news and Views".

As for Michael's initial point, we may well have to consider how we support members who are owners of commando's and other models produced by the new company, there are already a few. Clearly those motorcycles won't be "Donnington Nortons". 




Maybe I’m am a Luddite but I remember fondly the “club” before we had “directors” mind you we always had chancers, money stolen, spares misappropriation,dodgy owners of Norton etc etc but we did have a great club. Richard, maybe we are the grumpy old men, maybe it’s time to embrace the new order…..or not



Just joined the NOC. Need help,assistance,please.

Bought a 961 in 2016. Retirement present. Bike is a black/gold 2014 model with 2700 miles.

I've only done approx 30 miles on it. Riding along, rear wheel locks up preceded with a bang. After obtaining tools from Colorado Norton works and downloads from Richard in Canada I opened up the clutch side.

Crankshaft gear and balancer shift gear have been locked up with,what I can only think is a hardened dowel of some description. Teeth are broken on both, dowel has been removed but I have no idea where it's come from. Have tried Norton for replacements but they're still setting up suppliers. Has anyone any ideas where this "dowel " has come from and where I would get new gears?


You are best starting a new thread in this section, also post in this section on Access Norton

Parts are hard to come by currently as the Factory is like a rabbit caught in the headlights with not knowing what parts are good and which are bad on the 961. The Dowel is likely to have come out of the clutch as the clutch dowels do come loose when not properly peened at the factory.

Thanks John. I'll have a look at the clutch. Funnily enough this had been mentioned before to me but I couldn't confirm until I opened the bike up. 


Start a new thread chap,  stick some pictures up for us and we should be able to set you straight. 

For parts, my main source currently is Ollie at Thiel Motorsport in Germany. I recently bought stock of gaskets,  air filters and a new gen2 complete clutch basket from him amongst other parts.....New-Norton being closed hasn't really been much of an issue for me. 

Cheers Stuart.

I got in contact with Colorado Norton works. Matt,from CNW,  got in contact with Richard Coote who manufacturer's tools for working on the 961. He gave me Ollie,s contact number etc. Ollie seems to be the go-to guy for parts. Just about to email him. Thanks for the reassurance. 



A few months ago I contacted the new Norton owners asking if I could get replacements for my damaged backlash gear and primary wheel etc. A few days ago I received an email informing me that,unfortunately, they couldn't supply me with anything as they hadn't built the bike and couldn't guarantee the quality of the machine. They were very apologetic but no parts.

Thank god for Ollie at Theil Motorsport. He took my order in Germany and along with Carina have sent me replacements for everything asked. Fantastic service and very quick. Very knowledgeable and nothing is to much. He even gave me the torque settings for the new parts. Excellent. 

So for all 961 owners if you need replacements, and can't get help from the factory, look no further than Theil Motorsport. 


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