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Rusty Featherbed Inter

I'm now the owner of a Featherbed Inter to add to my woes. It's come to me as a basket case but with plenty of technical support and history from its previous owner. One problem I have with it is rust and reading the frame number. It wasn't stamped terribly well and really, I only have the "11" and a couple of middle digits properly legible, the rest being 'round bottom' digits. No sign of a year letter but I do know it was first registered in 1956 and has the horrible round plastic badges.  

Some Featherbed frames had the date of manufacture also stamped on the headstock. Frame Numbers

I don't currently have a tank big enough to take the entire frame but I can fit ends of it in my plastic wheelbarrow and hook an old smartless battery charger to it. It looks like it's fermenting well. Note the distinct flat for the long stroke engine's bevel box and the float chamber bracket. Frame sitting in vat of rusty froth

Blimey David looks like Dante's Inferno in there! Definitely worth an article or two in Roadholder, in my eyes the 1954 International 350 or 500 (and Domi 88) must be the most beautiful Nortons ever built! I am biased though as just picked up a '54 Wideline frame to build from ground up...


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