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Another Electra query re petrol tank mounting

Both my parts list and the NOC shop show a semicircular tank rubber part number 16237. My bike doesn't seem to have any of these - the parts list says there should be 2. Any idea where they go?

that's what I assumed but always better to check!

I've ordered a front rubber mount 23408 and the curved rubbers from the NOC shop. However, the front one seems to have been designed for a totally different mounting.  

This is what I have:

frame mounting

The tube coming yourt of the steering head - which looks original - is about 3/4" diameter.

This is the rubber 23408:

rubber mounting

The hole down the middle is about 3/8" diameter. The old rubber mounting that came off is a (perished) blind tube that fits over the projection from the steering head. It's about 1/8" thick. This fits into the cup under the tank tunnel which is about 1" bore.

Any comments would be very helpful.

Confused of Redditch


Hi Ian,  Do a search on 'fuel tank mounting' on this website. What you need is all there on 2020 lightweight thread.  Don't give up. But there are plenty of brick walls to hit your head against. 

... have discovered that I'm far from the first to find that the NOC shop provided rubber is entirely wrong. I'll have to see what I can make - I'm sure I'll have some suitable tubing around the place.

... do you happen to know the part number of that sleeve item? I assume the one in the end of it is part 23408?

I can't find that sleeve in the shop when I do a search for lightweight rubber items. On the diagram I have for the frame (from a workshop manual so no part numbers) it just looks like a sleeve without an end cap.



Hi Ian,  When it left the factory your bike had one front mounting rubber. The one you found very similar, if not the same.  Piece of tube. Rubber. Fits over frame stub and covers all of frame stub. Retained by lump on end of frame stub and tube notched so just end lump only is not covered.  Dead simple really if you can find some hose the right size. Used to be called heater hose in the old days. Peter ​

... an answer: rubber ferrules as fitted to chair legs etc. These's a wide variety on ebay and similar for a couple of quid or so. It's a shame that some of the NOC supplied parts don't seem correct as I'd rather support the club where I can.

... that looks good. I've ordered a ferrule from ebay - £2.19 - I'll see if that will do the job otherwise will be in touch.

... from ebay is a perfect fit. It has a closed rounded end, fits neatly over the stub on the frame and needs slight pressure to get it home in the tank.

Interestingly the price has gone up by 50% since I bought it!

Free postage now. If you paid £1.50 and nothing for postage that was a bargain indeed!!  ​​

... £2.19 with free postage! Maybe the listing was in error......I agree a bargain.


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