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Model 30 Engine Case


Happy New Year, all:

I finally began re-assembly on my 1949 Inter Model 30 project. As I was getting the oil pump pushed home, a gear slid out and forced it's way out the other side of the case, ruining 7y of work.

I am sick and despondent. 

I am hoping someone will take pity on me and either offer up or let me know where to find a timing side case. 

Weepingly yours...



Wow, it must have taken a lot of force to cause that amount of damage?  I'm sure though that it can be welded up, you will just need to find the right person to do the work.



Check out item #275105533257 on eBay motors UK under vehicle parts and accessories. The seller is 170motorsports.

Ask what year the cases are. As they don't seem to be a matched pair judging by the different colours of the alloy on each case it may get you out of trouble.

Make sure the cases are hot enough for the cold oil pump to just slide in.


It should be worth TIG welding. There is quite a lot of material on the other side of that part of the case to act as stiffening to the wall. The recess for the pump might need to be rebored accurately.


Seller is unsure as to year, however, the timing side in the auction does not have a threaded plug for an oil filter. Mine does/did. 

Im guessing this is an earlier model year.

The main issue would be the geometry for the bevel drive. 

Anybody know if this changed over the years? 

Bevel arms changed length?


This can be repaired by a good tig welder (emphasize good and experienced) and judicious peining to assure bearing bore stays round.  Reface the bottom of the bore and rebore for oversize oil pump if necessary. Ken McIntosh can help you there. Mismatched cases a real pig in a poke.


Hi Omar.

   The crankcases in question are the early 1932/3 type which did not have the oil pump restricter bolt in the bottom bevel chamber. There are some other differences, so I would give these a miss. As Mike says, a skilled alloy welder will probably be able to repair the damge by drilling strategic holes and V grooves to get a joint. Regarding the distortion, bolt an old bearing into position with steel plates and make up a steel dummy oil pump blank to support the casting. I think oversize pumps might also be available from Manx engine manufacturers in the U.K. if you need to hone the repaired case.


Thank you all for your insightful comments and for your time.

I have some thinking and searching to do.



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