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Manx GP 2022

Are any plans in place for the regular Norton meet-up and BBQ at The Shore Hotel, Laxey this year? Sadly the Classic TT is no more, although there is a Classic MGP apparently. What machines will qualify I don't know, but even in it's new, truncated form, the race meeting will still be well worth a visit.

I am trying to find out what side shows are likely to be happening, and the Laxey meeting is always good.


Manx Grand Prix will have two "classic" races.

  • Senior Classic Manx Grand Prix - Classic machines up to 500cc, so Manxes and G50s etc.
  • Superbike Classic Manx Grand Prix - probably the same as the old Classic TT Superbike class i.e. 1000cc Suzuki 1980s looky-likies

The glory days of the Manx might be behind us now with a nine day event and a lot of disenchanted people. And I still don't understand how Gary Thompson gets to stay as clerk of the course after the Steve Mercer incident.

But, getting back to the point, I intend to be at both the TT and MGP this year and I'll certainly be along to any NOC get together we can arrange.


It seems the changes were driven by the intrusion into Manx life of the 14 days of motorcycling and the fact that they started to have major issues in terms of being able to find enough marshalls.

The classic event had overshadowed the Manx GP which was in decline and I suspect the former introduced significantly more visitor spend than the Manx event which is in essence racing at club level.

It will be interesting to see to what extent the Government/ tourist board and the Manx Club in partnership continue to promote the whole classic aspect. I’m not sure it’s what the Manx Club are about but we shall see. From an outside perspective I suspect they need a robust and popular Classic element to help underpin the finances of the Manx GP.

Whatever, I intend being  there in June and August and attending the club reunions if happening.

It will be great to be back !!


If the Classic TT was overshadowing the Manx GP which was in decline before the Classic TT was added then why eliminate the Classic TT. Some odd thinking going on.


Next year….  Better marketing situation, and we still get to se3 the “Classic” races. As long as the Marshals are behind it….




My main reason for going was the VMCC  events  and in particular the very reasonable Jurby  track time  and  cheap VMCC  Ferry booking..  I think we had the best years .


Jurby was another odd decision, too popular and so hard work for the VMCC volunteers so they stopped it. The admission fee profits would have easily paid for a professional event organiser which coupled with restricted entry to the paddock would have still left the VMCC with money.


Hi all,

I was at the last Jerby event in 2019, which was the best day of the whole event for me.

I followed with interest when the VMCC said that was the last one ever!

I recall post Brexit insurance for the foriegn riders (Ago etc) was the main reason.

Others may know more.

Regards - Paul.


My understanding ( although I would not claim to be privy to the detail) was that Jurby was effectively a victim of its own success.

The Manx VMCC section stepped back from running the event as it had become too much for them and unfortunately there was no one else to take it up.

The local VMCC section had been obliged to form a special limited company to run the event. Members had to stand as directors with the liability and responsibility that entailed plus there were Health and Safety courses to attend, big insurance premiums to be paid and the commercial risk if the event was washed out, which was very nearly the outcome of the last event to be held. Lastly, there was simply the massive time, resource and effort required

It is easy to understand why the local VMCC stood down.

In my view the Manx government should have stepped in or at least underwritten the event for an alternative commercial event organiser such as Morton’s ?

On a positive note, Jurby as it was clearly demonstrated the extent of the Classic interest that exists and hopefully other parties will come forward with similar and/or other events in its place.  



The Isle of Man was not an EU member state but it did benefit from a sort of "friend of a friend" relationship thru the UK's membership. See,3%20to%20the%20United%20Kingdom%27s%20Treaty%20of%20Accession.

I don't know how the VMCC's insurance was affected but it could well have changed as a consequence of Brexit.


All very interesting, but no closer to an answer to the original question:- Are any plans in place for the regular Norton meet-up and BBQ at The Shore Hotel, Laxey this year?

I never miss it if I get to go across! It's a great meeting alas there are less attending the meet than there used to be and I can see why Ian wants to be there! 

Unfortunately I won't be going this year as I can't stir up any interest in others near me and I don't think I'll manage get accomodation for one, maybe next year?

Sorry still off topic/


Well, if there's nothing official, I guess we just go ahead and organise our own meet and see who else turns up.

Do we like the Shore Hotel or is Castletown a better option?


I would be inclined not to do that just yet. It may well be early days to organise a little event like that, and perhaps whoever does organise it (I can't remember who?) doesn't get on the forum much? They will have to make arrangements with the pub owner, particularly with regard to the BBQ. Having said that, I am a bit surprised we haven't heard from anyone yet.

Nothing to stop you suggesting an NOC meet-up at Castletown as well, if you wish? I understand the VMCC will be organising daily rides out for members, probably starting out at Tony East's museum at Kirk Michael, after race week.



I spoke to Tim Harrison about this yesterday and he will contact Derek Fox (the original organiser of the event). It's unclear at the moment if Derek is attending the island and / or putting on the event.

When Tim gets an update - he will post on this thread.

Thanks - Paul.


When last in the IOM I noticed the rear of the Shore Hotel ( in recent years a micro brewery) was being redeveloped to create a 40 seater restaurant. Whether this will alter the car parking arrangements etc I do not know.

The Shore was sold {around 2019-20, I think}? The Shore was a proper Manx pub and was the 'old village' local. I was on the Island twice in 2021 and visited the Shore both times. On the first visit I was able to speak with the new owners. Indications are that they are planning to develop the Hotel accomodation side of the business and open a Bistro type of Restaurant. On my second visit to the Island I went to the Shore again and this time the previous owners were there just having a drink with friends, they told me they'd sold the Pub and retired and were living in the locality. The Pub has had a major refit and is unrecognisable inside and it's obvious that the new owners are going 'up market'. Having visited the Shore over a 25 year period a feeling of sadness came over me when I visited for the 2nd time in 2021 I found myself thinking the 'Old Shore' had gone never to return. I would religiously turn up at the Reunion and proffer Derek a fiver for my beautiful Manx Reunion badge! He was always there and rode up from the South on his trusty Kwak ER5, Derek is a legend!! Looking at the Shore from purely a business angle I'm not sure how welcome the new Shore would make the Norton owner's club, in my opinion I'm not sure they would welcome us. I hope that this meet continues even it that means somewhere else on the Island, I don't think there would be too much trouble finding somewhere else to hold the meeting. 


The Shore Laxey, is currently open for 'business as usual', but is a major building site. Covered in scaffolding and the rear car park cordoned off.


TT is around the corner and I'm sure they will have it near to completion for that deadline. By all accounts it'll be in full swing by MGP.


I have been trying to find out what is going on at Manx GP time in the IOM that will be of particular interest to the Classic fraternity. Disappointingly, apart from the races referred to above there appears to be very little.

The powers that be seem to have overlooked that it takes more than a few races to pull in the classic motorcyclists in significant numbers. I’m not sure it bodes well for the future but hope very much that I am wrong. 


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