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Commando fitting choke and throttle cables


Hi, Fitting new cables on my 69 twin Amal 30mm carbs.

Really struggling to get the 4 (2x Choke, 2x throttle) cables on the splitters and then join them to the two cables that run to the handle bars.

If I fit the choke air slider and throttle slider then I can't fit them into the cable splitter. If I make all the connections then try to attach the cables to the choke/throttle I don't have enough free play/skill

Is there a correct order and knack to this? Suitably humbled etc..

Thanks Eddie




With the adjusters closed you look to be short on Bowden cable length. Are these new items that maybe incorrect length or are you refitting existing known items?   

I find it best to start from one end, preferably the single cable end.   My experience is with JPN so the choke is centrally mounted on the headstock. I would get rid of any cable ties for now, have the connection boxes either side of central spine and let them get a natural set towards the carbs. Do you have an “in cable” adjuster on the throttle? Get that set up with the twist grip then run the two carb connections out to the carb from the joint box and look at the length of Bowden that is left exposed when throttle is closed.  Measure what is required from the top of each adjuster pot to the connection point on the air slide.  If the overall set up is long enough you can cut down the outer to expose more Bowden. 

Then similar process with the choke….

Take time to ensure you have the right components in each set up.   Measure each cable, inner and outer to make sure you are using the right pairs.

Good luck




Trying to remember ...

Insert carb (lower) cables into junction box and put throttle (upper) cable in without top cover. Connect cables to slides/chokes and screw carb tops down. Use thottle cable to pull junction block up and out - hook over edge of junction body (wedge with screwdriver). Remove throttle cable, thread thru top cover and assemble junction box. Attach cable to throttle/choke.

... at least I think that's how I do it.

You do have to poke the cables thru the slide/choke against spring pressure and it is a bit fiddly. Best to check that the cable end will actually go thru the slide first. Problem of cables being pushed up into the junction box can be avoided by stuffing something into the junction box.


Thanks Stan, Throttle cables now fitted and working. Kept the original upper cable.

Choke cable went on successfully except the upper cable was too short (good spot Jon). Shame as I picked the correct part number from RGM. Oh well was only £30.... Swapped it for a spare upper throttle cable that was then too long. Then the upper cable broke through the plastic splitter and it was game over.  Maybe I'll just ditch the choke sliders



Started again.

Swapped in spare throttle upper cable.

Removed choke adjusters at the carb to get more movement.

Repaired splitter.

Now all good. No idea what the part number for the correct upper cable is for a 69 with the US style bars and choke on the brake lever.




Then trim to length, if you are ok with a soldering iron. (your inner to outer dims will be the same as the throttle to splitter).



Hi Jon,

The upper cable pulled through the plastic splitter. 

I drilled the top and found a sleeve to drop in.

Thanks for the offer. Hopefully now sorted.




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