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Navigator Tank Badge


Can someone tell me the size of the screws that attach the Norton badge to the fuel tank. During rebuild have lost them, and can find nothing that fits.


Hi. I guess it may depend on the year but I had the same problem with my 1960 Dommie 99. I got the correct screws from RGM straight off the shelf just by asking for ‘ones that fit’. Maybe if you just asked them for the correct ones for a Navigator, they’d know the ones you need.



Hi Phil.

The screws for the badges (three each side) are 4BA. I have just repaired a tank some one had broken a 4BA tap in, Ihad to remove the old one and silver solder a new threaded bush in.

All the best,



Yes Dennis is right, and they are two different lengths, if you bottom them in the hole they can jamb in and break off, I have one broken in another tank! so another job to do.



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