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Responding to emails etc


Just a heads up, I receive messages via three email accounts, two Facebook accounts (personal and business), Whatsapp and good old fashioned calls/texts. Currently I'm working two jobs, along with house renovation work....add to this occasionally a NOC members email ends up in a junk folder, where its quickly lost amongst the daily barrage of double glazing sales, recruitment agencies and sometimes I do drop the ball and leave someone hanging. Its never intentionally.

If Ive not responded to a 961 technical message, please give me a nudge. The best form of contact for me is Whatsapp, on 07890291584. If you see the blue ticks appear on your message but no reply, it generally means Ive quickly read it whilst doing something else, and I'll reply later when Ive got five.




Stuart - Many thanks for sharing your details, having discussed a 961 problem with yourself recently, your advice is much appreciated.  Your knowledge and assistance will be a great help to keeping the bikes running well and on the road.  Brgds  Simon


No problem, Simon. 

There's a contact for myself on the back of the monthly owners magazine, but no phone number. 


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