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‘59 Dommi 99 - grips



which handlebar grips should I be using? Amal or Doherty - or something else. Part number or photo appreciated! Pic of what I gotta mo…



Steve, At the risk of being shouted down by all the purists out there, I’d say get the grips that feel comfortable to you. There’s no point in buying ‘original’ grips that will turn your fingers white due to vibration just to make the bike look ‘proper’.

Just my opinion.

P.S. I notice that you’ve got Beston  style grips on your bike at the moment. I have those on two of my classic Triumphs and wouldn’t change them for any other type even if they are the ‘wrong’ grips for each bike’s model year. It’s comfort that counts (unless the bike is for ‘display purposes’ only).




I too have the Oxford heated grips and also wouldn't be without them.

If I didn't have the heated grips then I go for what you have fitted - Bestons - as they are very comfortable and absorb an amount of vibration.


If you are going to ride it, get grips that are comfortable and allow you to stay in control. Many '50's and 60's bikes had fairly hard plastic grips as standard, meaning you had to grip the throttle fairly tightly to keep at the speed you wanted. Numbing vibration induced loss of feeling in your fingers then came in. Definately not good for control or in later life, knackered finger joints. 



At the Surrey NOC day at Ryka's the grips you already have outnumbered straight plastic grips on Dommies by about 4 to 1. One bike had foam grips. My straight plastic grips are in a box somewhere.


Big thanks for all the feedback guys. I am trying to retain an original look so I’ll leave the heated grips on the GS - and stick with what I got on the Dommi!



I do believe your grips are a little later, have them on both my -70 Victor Specials. But I find them fairly pleasant to ride with. The 1959 Spare parts list states:

19414 Twist grip plastic grip 1 shilling 9 pence

20267 Dummy grip to match twist grip 2 shillings 5 pence


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