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Looking for a DVD "John Hudson Gearbox Strip"

Does anybody have a copy of the DVD from the NOC entitled "John Hudson Gearbox Strip " in PAL format that they no longer want/need? I don't think it's ever going to be back in stock at the "NOC Shop" somehow.. Thanks, Kevin


(I know I posted a similar question a few weeks back, but for some odd reason I can't find it anywhere....)


I believe these were available, but only in VHS format.  I stand to be corrected.    




I have the vhs format video in my library- I seem to recall when purchased from NOC years ago there was an option for the format ...

VHS as common for USA and another that was common elsewhere- perhaps Europe/ UK ? I may be wrong and perhaps others can confirm / deny this somewhat foggy memory.

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but is just permanently showing "out of stock".


I am not sure if this will help.  If it does they are cheap and simple to use.


VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

You can download a version for your operating system here:


I'd prefer to get a PAL DVD actually, if anybody had one to sell or loan? (obviously, I will pay all costs)

(PAL is better quality and I live in Europe anyway)



I have a Panasonic VHS/DVD player/recorder which will copy VHS to DVD and vice versa.  Obviously I would need an original VHS tape to do it.  The quality will only be as good as the original tape, so second generation tapes would not be much good.

I was hoping to get the gearbox video myself so if anyone has one and wants a DVD version I would be happy to do it for free, just to get a copy for myself.

I have no idea who owns the Copyright though, so this idea maybe dead-in-the-water!


If the club nominated one person who could rattle out individual copies on a PC DVD burner once a payment to the club had been confirmed, then all these DVD's could be made available. No need for 100's of copies to be bought by the club and sit on a shelf. 

I think more than one would be fairer - if available - so it doesn't put all the responsibility on just one person.

As I said, I have a VHS to DVD machine, as well as 3 desktop computers which can burn DVDs (One can burn Blu-Ray).  An original VHS tape is needed first.  I would use that on my recorder to create a master DVD, then copy it on to a PC.  Easier than trying to get a VHS player/recorder up to my PC!


I have a Blu ray burner too and original PAL DVD's of Mick Hemmings Engine and Gearbox rebuilds. So no VHS needed for those two, just need a copy of John Hudson's DVD.


For info, I got some feedback from the NOC Shop regarding availability:

"Hi Kevin we are in the process of getting some done try back in a months time we should have something or some more news by then 

Kind regards"


Good news that the club shop is looking to produce this DVD again. I will definitely get one, as I have a fully dismantled box courtesy of another member, and its a few decades since I last played with these internals. Without having checked before, I assumed the club could knock these out almost on demand. Thanks to all on this thread, and the club shop. 


Surely in this age of solid state memory in laptops etc this John Hudson program could be loaded into an 8mb stick?  My TV happily runs films loaded on such devices.


Yes, we can all download a file or even just watch on youtube, but it's a copyright issue - sombody owns it and their ownership is backed up by lawyers.

It would be a trivial task to rip the DVD and put on a website for viewing, or distribute via some file sharing platform but copyright offences can get expensive -  my son in Germany had to pay 1100 Euros under threat of prosecution because he'd downloaded one (!) film from piratebay (and they had his IP address etc from his internet provider), expensive lesson for a 20 something who assumed it was normal and offended nobody..


So, eventually there was some stock showing, so I ordered one.

What arrived is attached, hope you can see it.

Needless to say, extremely unimpressed

It looks like something made/copied at home, with 2 stickers put on it (and with a sticky mess above the lower sticker where something has been (unsuccessfully) removed.

Very unprofessional.. (unlike all the other DVDs which I've ordered..)


Yes, that's exactly like my Gearbox Service DVD, but not the gearbox Strip DVD unfortunately..

gearbox strip DVD


An out of balance DVD will not play well and if a sticker comes off inside the drive the mess may affect the drive permanently. I would take the stickers off and use an indelible felt tip to gently write the title. 


Thanks, I have not yet played it because I haven't actually got a DVD player anymore, thought they were history now!  ;-)

I had planned to rip it (still have an older PC with a DVD drive) and use the file on my personal laptop/TV.

Anyway, I have also contacted the NOC Shop, and have been promised a replacement when they get the regular printed versions in a few weeks.

So, all's well, that ends well, hopefully!

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I’m puzzled by that, my Mick Hemings dvd shows a strip down and rebuild of the box, what does the John Hudson one have that Micks doesn’t?!



I bought the Mick Hemmings DVD for stripping the gearbox. It's very informative and quite a recent recording. To be honest, does there need to be more than one DVD showing how to do the same thing?


In spite of the many comments there is still no solution to the continuous supply of DVDs.  The one with the stickers is very poor show.  Never put stickers on DVDs or CDs, except the type designed for labelling.  My printer prints on discs so that is safer.  The heat from the player/recorder can loosen the stickers, like the one shown.  This can cause no end of problems in the player, so they should be completely removed before use.

Once someone has a DVD they can make a digital copy on whatever media they have available.  This is how the Club Shop could provide them.

I have offered to copy VHS onto DVD.  I could also do BluRay, but there's not much point as DVD is the most common format for most people.  The copy will only be as good as the original, no better on BluRay which has the disadvantage of more expensive discs, but at least digital copies will not degrade regardless of how many generations removed they are - unlike VHS tapes which degrade with each copy.

I will reiterate that, if someone can lend me a VHS tape, I can provide DVD copies.  With a printed face if required.


The John Hudson Gearbox Strip which was originally only available as a VHS video and that Ian Somerville had a few copies made when he ran Merchandise is now available in the NOC Shop as a DVD in PAL and NTSC format.


I am pleased to have now received the replacement DVD which is, of course, a nicely printed DVD etc. :-)

Just be aware that this DVD, when played, is simply a straight rip of a VHS tape from what I would call a mediocre quality original, certainly takes me back to the 80s (BUT of course I'm very glad to have this at least and would still have bought it knowing this!). 

Does anybody have an advice about going about digitally cleaning up such a recording?



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