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Rough Running 2010 Mk 1 961 Sport

My Mk.1 Sport  has started playing up again - will not run smoothly at low speed/revs , it will run fine a higher revs and under load . I have had a power commander fitted  and had it  on a reputable dyno and produced 78 bhp  at the back wheel . It had been running beautifully for about 1500 miles then I got caught in a horrendous traffic jam ( about 15 miles) and it has not run smoothly since . Can anybody help -  is there a genuine dealer or an electronics guru who can sort out the ECU and fuel injection as I am getting a bit frustrated at what is a really good bike  when it runs right.

      Thanks Keith


I would start with the simple things like new plugs and HT leads. Also the engine temp sensor was changed later on to one more suitable for an air cooled engine as the first one was for a water cooled engine and prone to failure if the engine got slightly hot.


Ignition and a few other parts to get

Other part numbers including head temp sensor parts, Bosch is for water cooled ?, Honeywell is more suited to air cooled ?. Finding the data sheets will confirm. 



I would talk to S Bodycote on accessnorton, who is in Derby area, used to work for Factory, and has been providing sensors for others as a business.


Stuart Bodycote is the NOC Technical Adviser for 961's. He may be contacted by email: 


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