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Jubilee Handlebars


Bit of help/advice please. I've started the resto on my 1962 Jubilee. The handlebars are one piece/moulded lever mounts(see attached word doc). Are these the correct bars for the bike? Secondly I'm struggling to find any info on the bars or spares for the rubber mounts that go under the four cup washers. I'm assuming these are AMC parts of some type? Any info and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Gary.





The origin of the Jubilee was Francis Barnett, so perhaps a troll in their spares supply might help?


My '64 Jubilee has the same handlebars. I did not know that there were rubber washers under the cup washers and I have not missed them! 

I did get my handlebars re-chromed, not cheap but worth it as the bars are quite sturdy.

I bought new levers as the old ones were very slack in the bars. I think I bought some stainless lever pins/bolts from NOC shop and took out the slack on the pivot with shim washers - works fine and stops the levers rattling up and down.



I might try an old type tap washer under the handlebar cup washers next time I take off the handlebars.

I used them for the tank rear mounting bolt and they work fine. If the washer is held firmly it is easy to use a sharp drill to enlarge the hole to the required diameter. Putting them in boiling  water for a few minutes will soften them enough to take up the cup washer profile.


Thanks Dennis(and others) I'm taking the bars for re-chroming tomorrow - as you say I'm not expecting it to be cheap! The tap washer and boiling water is a good shout thanks. I've done a bit of internet trawling for Franny Barnett spares but no joy so far.

Thank you Bruce, I'm going to the chrome platers tomorrow am and I'll find out what its going to cost me to get the original bars re-chromed. This is my first forum post so I'm not up to speed with the etiquette, how much do want for them? I'll see if there is a contact facility.



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