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Jimmy Guthrie

Dear Norton Club Members, 

I was hoping you can help me with a new project. I live up in the Scottish Borders and have an interest in Jimmy Guthrie. As such i have been over the last five years collecting parts to build a replica of his TT wining "Inter". I am looking for any pictures of his bike. If anybody by any chance does have any photo's i am happy to purchase them if they are for sale or if you would allow a copy i am more than happy to cover any costs. Hope you can help me get this project moving forward.

Thanks all in advance


…buy his book. A great insight into the man and plenty of pictures.

What in particular are you building … Year, model etc

If you are more specific I’m sure we all have something to offer




Hi Steven,

   Jon is correct regarding which year you are aiming for. JG won TT races for Norton in 1934/5/6/7 and the machine specification changed every year. The rigid frame bikes will be easiest to replicate but it won't be a straight forward job to get everything correct which-ever year you choose.


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