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Ohlins suspension settings for soft ride

For better or worse I have just bought a 2017 961 sport. So far so good, it looks great, Sounds amazing (decatted) yes a bit lumpy but I new that and anyway I am used to old British bikes. So to the point, I want to soften the ride by adjusting the suspension, but would like the original Ohlins settings or setting for comfortable riding, can anyone help.


Hi Alan   This will depend on your weight etc  I took mine to a authorised Ohlins dealer and had it set up for me.  Took about 1/2 an hour and £40.    I thought mine was too harsh but it ended up being  the opposite.  The change in the ride quality was obvious from the moment I rode away.  


Hi Alan,

Your best bet is to download the manual from the Access Norton site. Then you can be sure which is compression and rebound. It shows you the settings for front and rear sag. The springs are pretty firm.

I have found that for a 80 kg rider, you need to back off the preload to the minimum both front and rear. This is all I have done and left the standard settings for now until I visit an Ohlins specialist. One or two on the forum have played around with settings and at least one has fitted lighter springs at the front. You will find all this on there.


A simple thing to help you remember which is compression and which is rebound is "compress down, rebound up" for me 

Thanks Graham, sounds like the best solution, although finding a dealer in North of England will be a challenge. I have had some success with recording the settings and the modifying a bit at a time.


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