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Fuel Tap

I have managed to break the fuel tap on my 62 Navigator.  I have sheared the end that attaches the brass valve to the tap.  I will try and repair or make a new brass valve piece. Either way I need to align the brass valve slots with the tap grooves.  If anyone has a fuel tap apart could they please post a pic. Thanks Fuel tap My Navigator is standard 2 tone blue/dove grey.  I have the equivalent RAL code (1013) fort the grey but I cannot find the equivalent RAL code for the blue.  Anyone know please? Thanks

Hi Roger,  The Ral code you want is RAL 5009.  This is the blue used on Lightweights with two tone schemes on an ivory / Dove grey ​​​​RAL 1013 frame.  The later polychromatic blue used with black framed Navigator is much darker.  Can't help you with the petrol tap.  Cheers Peter ​​​​​

The petrol tap is fine. just needs to be put back together and the brass spindle peened at the pull knob. I have rebuilt lots of these. there is one problem though . the assembly can be orientated two ways and only one works. I may be able to send you a photo ,but you will have to pm me a mobile .If you fit a new cork it needs to be a tight fit as it will bed in with use. These extended plungers are now very rare ,as are the small screws that secure the plunger . No one has any spares , except me !!

Bit late, I know - but here goes anyway.... The Blue Colour matches to Ford Fjord Blue And Dove Grey matches to British Leyland Arabian Grey As for your tap - if you want to repair it - its alignment is shown in attached photo. To renew the cork (new ones are available on eBay) slit it (with a razor, scalpel or craft knife) lengthways on one side, cook it in steam above a kettle spout for 20-30 secs - you will find that it becomes pliable. Open it up and slip it over the spindle, close it up & insert into the tap body. You can now leave it until you are ready to use it. In the future, if you drain the tank and let the tap dry out, the cork will need replacing again. Its possible that soaking it in WD40 will preserve it.  

Hi Andy,  I have been in direct contact with Roger and offered to repair his tap. it would appear that he has destroyed it ,and has probably gone for a modern replacement . Would be nice to know the conclusion of this thread. 


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