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961 rack/carrier, straight through long pipes & de-cat

Can anyone point me to where I can get a rack to fit 961 SF? The bike has the split seat which has what looks like substantial mounting points (see photo) on the base but I can’t find any suppliers. I’d also like to fit de-cat & straight through pea shooters but the Norton ones are hideously expensive. Any help greatly appreciated. Seat base


Theil also produce the x-pipe replacement for the cat as well as the different pipes - not sure if they are any cheaper!

Bear in mind that you will also need to have the ECU re-mapped when the cat is removed and open pipes added.

For a rack, have you checked out Ventura? Alternatively if you just want a rack behind the seat, see if a Triumph rack would fit.



Roger from Ely had some short stubbies for sale ,don’t know if he still got em , I put the link on this site b4 a month ago 


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