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Aluminium brightening ….

Following on from the thread about using the dishwasher to clean aluminium parts, can anyone recommend a cleaner that brightens dull aluminium, back in day Gunk used to work quite well but its not as effective any more. And before anyone suggests putting it in the dishwasher this lump has a frame and wheels! 




I have the same issue, going to try a scrub with a sugar soap solution , leave to dry then a blast with muck off using my air line and spray gun. Will let you know how it goes!


The bits I can access can be mechanically cleaned/polished, its the bits I can’t that are the problem and I’d like a uniform colour if possible, plus the crank cases are a bit rough so dont respond well to polish.

PS I’ve discovered White Diamond as a chrome polish, better than solvol I find. 


I have used Alubright - a product from a company called Race Glaze - to great effect in the past and can highly recommend it.  I bought a litre of it many years ago and still have nearly half of it left.  I do believe it is acid based, so experiment with how long you need to leave it on there before rinsing off with water.

A quick search on Google revealled many aluminium cleaning solutions but I can only comment on one that I've tried and worked for me.


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