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Spares availability


I am thinking of buying a 961 Commando, it is three years old and in good condition. My worry is spares availability, who stocks spares for these bikes?



Ollie Thiel at Thiel Motorsports has been good to deal with. He has much more than is listed on his website, worth emailing.

I did read on another forum that someone had very recently been able to order parts from TVS Norton.



TVS have a funny idea of what a spares service is, they are finally making parts for the TVS made 961's available but for pre TVS 961's there are no advice or guarantees on fit or function so all the risk is yours if you choose to buy and fit.  

Its normal practise for a good manufacturer to have a strategy in place to keep residual prices high so new owners feel they are buying a slowly depreciating product. Seems TVS have forgotten this lesson, more investment in spares availability for SG 961's and release of improved parts to fix known issues would help them sell more TVS 961's.


Last year sometime I'd emailed Norton TVS enquiring if they offer repair and service to Donington 961's. On 7th March this year received an email from Norton TVS (Service dept - Aftersales Administrator) updating status of the new company and with the following quotes

"... we have taken the difficult decision that we cannot sell any parts we haven't sourced , or tested , nor can we service, maintain or repair any bikes that we have not built. Unfortunately, this includes your motorcycle" , and further

"... we will sell parts that are fitted to our own Norton Commando Classic 961 only. For the reasons set out above we will not be able to guarantee that they will fit your bike, nor that they are suitable or fit for purpose on your motorcycle." Take this second quote to mean they'll sell parts to anybody who wants but no guarantee on serviceability.

Have been collecting info on where parts and can be had for Donington 961's - currently this lists Krazy Horse , Stuart Bodycote and now Ollie Thiel (see above). Ritchie Engineering also made some machined parts for Norton Donington. Oil Filter is a standard Bosch part no. P9147. Burnet and Hillman make the clutch casing drain plug and g/box level plug.

My own 961 Sport is an early Mk 1 bike , delivered late 2012 , twice factory serviced at Donington. It has been almost entirely troublefree with just a couple of failed relays plus some starting difficulties which were always battery related - either charging or replacing always fixed things.


Ollie is doing some great development work for the 961's....I dropped in on him a few weeks ago whilst I was in Germany. He's passionate about the platform, and this shows with the bits and bobs he was showing me. He seems confident that 961's will be fine for parts....the main issue Ive got is cost. Import duty is a killer. 


Thank you all for your replies. To be honest I have found TVS to be very difficult and not helpful. Back last year I went to the Motorcycle show at the National Motorcycle Muesum in Birmingham, TVS had a stand, and I did ask about the new Commando if and when it is available, they could not have been more unhelpful all I got was a 10 second answer, "we will let you know" and then blanked! I registered and heard nothing and contacted them via there Facebook page and again a very short reply. I did however ring the factory last week and was left on hold for 40 minutes and then the call dropped, I did ring back, and they took my details, and I am waiting to hear back from TVS. My main focus is on pre-war Nortons, but I wanted a bike that I could cover decent mileage and would keep up with modern traffic, hence the TVS 961 Commando. Stuart Garner was many things and I leave that their, but I meet him in London and was invited down to the factory for a test ride and at know time was I under any pressure to buy. I had a couple of follow up calls with the Donnington factory and was about to put a deposit down on a new bike, well the rest is history. Thanks again for your replies.




Got this from Ducati. It’s a Monster 600 lever I believe- but anyway, it’s the lever used on my 2020 Commando. £120 inc vat


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