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2015 Norton Tank Buldge

2015 possible tank bulge creating little dots under the paint lined up vertically


Can I massage this out?


Had similar on my 2012 yellow Sport tank which steadily got worse with these bumps and dots appearing all over front part of tank. Cannot rub them out. Believe it's fuel reacting with the HDPE material tank is made from. Got a new tank four years ago (600 quid odd from the old Norton company) and now always syphon out fuel if bike is not going to be used for more than a month. So far no sign of dots and bumps.


Esso Supreme is not zero ethanol in all areas ie the bio content is regional.

You could try draining it and leaving it to vent, but if the paint has already blistered, I reckon you'll be too far gone. Tanks were more like £1800 supplied painted when I was there.....which is pretty average, compared to other brands.


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