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Hello from Wiltshire and clip on question.

Evening all. Please be gentle. Newbie Norton owner and first forum post.

I have recently acquired a Dominator based cafe racer. She hasn't been ridden since built so is virtually new. Ive been out on her once. Loved it but going to take a while to get used to riding an old brit bike. Totally different from by modern Triumph.

Anyway, I think the clip on's look too long. Should I cut them down and if so by how much and by what method? I have also bought a gorgeous bar end mirror from Norvil which will go on the off side. Should I fit a bar end weight on the opposite side to balance things out? Your thoughts?

Any members in Wiltshire/Cotswolds? I note there is no Wiltshire branch.


KarlDominator Cafe Racer


Looks like a lovely bike you have. 

As for the clip ons, before doing any cutting, please try the bike with the grips/levers moved outwards first - it just might make it more comfortable or maybe not.  Only you as the rider will know the answer to that one. Its just that cutting them first means that you won't be able to find out. Same width as your shoulders  is usually a good place to be.

For what it's worth,  my Morini sport clip ons are 26" end to end, (7 1/8" fork yokes) while my Enfield GT's are 30" across on 8" yokes. The Morini is the more comfortable of the two. 

My Morini has no weights, my Enfield has. Whether you fit them is up to you,  but often clip ons are short enough to not need them. Try without and if vibration is bad, then perhaps fit some. 

Regards, George. 

Ps: if you do cut them, you will then need to paint the ends to stop them rusting...



If the  bars put too much weight on wrists  you may be able to turn  them upside down to reduce the angle ,this also meant swopping  left to right in my case.  Your throttle position may inhibit brake action  in an emergency  and lever span  looks   a bit on the large size ,leave a bit of spare bar length as you may be trying some different  fittings in the future !.


If the clipons put too much weight on your wrists, you might try replacing them with swan knecked ones as used on the original featherbed manx. Unity equipe used to sell them but I am not sure of the current availability.


Hi Karl, lovely bike, enjoy!

For what it's worth, I would strongly recommend fitting a mirror on both sides, especially from a safety point of view, leaving roundabout etc, the average car driver, hardly seems to see bikes, or hand signals anyway, and we need all the help we can get. 

Once again welcome to the club/ forum.

Regards John O


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