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99 dominator timing gears


Hi All,

         Can any one possibly give me a simple explanation of how to time up the crankshaft with the half time pinion and the camshaft on a 99 dominator. I get the ten rollers apart bit on the chain, and i know about the 11o'clock position for the sprocket marks, and have the two punch marks on the gears meshed..

What is throwing me is, the Haynes manual says the ENGINE should be at T.D.C. when punch marks are aligned and the cam sprocket and intermediate sprocket are a 11 o'clock and clearly the engine is not at T.D.C. It's not far off but it's still not T.D.C. 

where is the crankshaft position supposed to be in relation to position of all the marks, so i can double check. Or does it not matter at this stage.

If anybody has got any pictures or a diagram this would be a great help.




and clearly the engine is not at T.D.C ??????

The mark on the cam sprocket at 11 oclock is the TDC position for the CAM which aligns with the push rods. The lifters and push rods aim toward the center of the head where they mesh with the rockers. TDC for the pistons is an entirely seperate issue but will also HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME...


I think I understand  your  issue,   the  intermediate timing gear  teeth that engage with the bottom gear thats on the end of the crank   have two teeth  with  dot marks ,these two teeth  must sit either side of the  dot marked tooth on the crank ( difficult to see so usually paint marked) . This positioning  ensures  that the crank is pretty close  to TDC  (but not  critical to a few degrees). This then allows the  normal cam chain setting up proceedure to follow. If all the parts are correctly made then the cam timing will be ideal or because of tollerances within a few degrees of ideal.  You can sometimes  do slightly  better by setting the cam timing with a degree disc and juggling  teeth  but most don't bother.


Pictures are always far better than words !  ,someday I will  master  the computer ,  but do I have to enter second childhood to do it ?. Getting closer -----.


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