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index plunger


Had a oil weep from the index plunger housing on my 850 mk3 , found it was loose so took it out and found that there is a thin shim and a rubber o ring on it . had a look at parts list but can't see any washer or seal fitted to it . Should there be just a copper washer with no rubber o ring 


The parts list shows nothing:


gearbox parts


However, the workshop manual does show a washer:




Rightly or wrongly, I always use a fibre washer, and it works for me!




I may get some stick for this i put a light smear of Hylomar on the threads before fitting it. Don't get it on first few threads an it should not then find it's way into the gearbox (if it does the gears will eat it anyway an there are no oilways to block like in the engine) plus it helps to prevent the detent holder trying to work loose and escape.


replaced thin washer and o ring on index plunger bolt with a copper washer , oil leak stopped and gear selection is much better especially first to neutral , thanks for advice 


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