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Back in business.??

Heard a rumour that Norton will be open for spares within two weeks, that's good news if it's true.


Definitely something happening - contacted by Norton asking my "thoughts" on the V4RR order I made back in 2017 ! TVS clearly trying to work out if it's worth continuing with this model. Anyway they got my thoughts which I'm guessing will be similar to many other customers who'd ordered and paid deposits. 


Hello according to TVS they're only completing orders of some 440 that have paid or paid a deposit. After this TVS are looking to move near by Donnington and are looking to develop the 650and Electric Norton's - as they will have go electric anyway as the way of the future bikes. The 961 will be dropped as it will not pass EU emissions, the V4- 1200 is unsure about as yet only orders will be made at as been paid for, this is what we know of but TVS are looking into new models for the future to be launched by 2022 and 2023 these may be electric drive bikes.


Hi all,

Lets at least give TVS a chance, im sure we all want to see Norton back !!

Kind regards,


Don't worry yourself about electric bikes, they will not replace the infernal combustion engine in your or my lifetime. It's bad enough trying to get petrol in the remote parts of Scotland and definitely Wales how and when do you think the infrastructure for sparky machines will be installed with enough charging points for all bikes and cars, don't hold your breath.

hello, peter it will be better than this Now there very near to perfecting wrap drive and the thing with warp drive is it can be made any size  so this then can be made to power electric bikes and you have symbolics onboard the bike you put your helmet on the bikes computer will know how you feeling  all you have do is think were you want to go and the machine will take you there, we have all this technology now, with Hondas new electric bike some to come out with self-balancing and a symbolic key  all you do is touch  the touchscreen and the bike will follow  you anywhere or come to you as needed, New electric bike will replace all internal explosion engines yes you engine is tearing its self apart as you start the bike,   and we now have symbiotics  on board the f22Raptor /f117 nighthawk and the Russian SU 57 and Su 60 now on the build  table  these are the most advanced aircraft in the world this technology is passed on to other  formats  like cars and motorcycles and you see them in your lifetime the future is now,    in the 1960 they siad the japanese will never build a big bike  then in 1968 the came out with the Honda CB750 and changed the world  its going to Change again big time          yours  anna j        


Hmm. I think I might need stonger elastic on my goggles if I am going to accelerate to and beyond light speed.


C'mon Anna Star-warp, isn't going happen for a good couple of centuries, even if the technology was ready. our World controllers would not let it be accessible.

The whole carbon zero electric bike scenario is a bit of a farce too. Battery power is nowhere near perfected, heavy in weight, prone to thermal runaway over 60 degrees Celsius and bloody dangerous to boot, because once an overheating situation arises the Lithium-ion battery packs trigger an exothermic reaction leading to oxygen producing catastrophic combustion event, witnessed in Jerez Spain, Moto-E fleet, IOM  TT paddock and Silverstone pits! A chain reaction nearly impossible to control and put the fire out, often when this has happened, I think it said in a report the batteries have burned for three to six days, bowser trucks of water and specialist Fire extinguishers are needed plus PPE like you would need in a Nuclear core melt situation.

Best people read Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 to find out what manipulates Local Councils, yes we need a cleaner World, but an Honest one too. Carbon is the base for more or less all knoown life-forms on the Planet and they tax us on it!


Once the ICE is retired prematurely, there will through cost and complexity be no affordable personal transport for the masses.

If Norton get tied up in the electric bike saga... who knows what will happen?

No new petrol/Diesel manufacture by a proposed 2040, ICE banned in 2030, the problem is the EU in particular passed the buck to Politicians and Bureaucrats rather than Engineers.





The major problem with an electric bike is not the battery or electrics, rapid advances just in the last couple of years in the technology overcomes many issues. Commuters will be the first seen, sports bike later when tyre technology has caught up.

I would expect to see new or modified existing models from the new owner in the next 12 months. Parts for the 961 will always be hit or miss regarding availability as the volume of bikes made was not great. 

hello John mate now to expand your mind as for warp drive  the military complex has had  stargate for so time now  and it's not fiction or TV stuff but kept under cover black budges operations  and these guys are some 60 odd years ahead for were we are now most operation are in deep underground complexes systems and run thousand of miles, that you do not know about,     back in the 1980 Bud Rich CEO of Northrup Drummond said on his death bed we have the technology to take ET home   were do you think the technology came from for cell phone touch screens and optic fibre all reversed  engineered  at Bell labs  from downed  alien craft  back in 1947  new Mexico now aircraft and electronics  is all highly classified  and how many of you know about operation paper clip  how many for knowns what goes of in the black world of counterintelligence that still operates today  as for warp drive the top scientists are very close and have some achievement  in their experiments now the other power is thorium magnetic fusion  in other words cold fusion in a magnetic field  what is powering the sun a nuclear magnetic fusion  ,  and some stars are thorium magnetic fusion  they burn blue  light  the other power is over untiny  more power in then power used  this has been done already  but the Electric bikes are the future like it or lump it , the thing we have to worried about is fuel for our old Nortons  in the near future                     yous anna j               


The effect of the tablets is wearing off!

With respect Ashley, the issues I cite are contemporary, you can't get away from the thermo-chemical aspect of the mechanism in use with electrically driven machines. I was at the TT in 2018 and privy on the Sulby Glen campsite, to some of the discussions by the Marshal's re-safety and the TT Zero event, what has to be done in the Event of a mishap and how to go about it!

I personally think hybrid-type development would be the way to go, but as yet not sure which way is right. is it not true that the Formula E car Lithium-ion batteries have to be encased in a Carbon-fibre case which can hold back a combustion event for ten minutes ,so the Driver has a chance of being safely extracted.

You fail to explain, how the the issues round the Lithium-ion battery or electrics safety issues have be sorted. Remember the Hindenberg disaster, sometimes the brightest minds in their enthusiasm miss the obvious limitations of ideas n' their practical application.

Money, marketing and business acumen are strong forces and usually have a keenest to market products before they are fully developed in all aspects of commercial potential use and that is before we get into the servicing and battery recycling issue!

How can technology give use something that is potentially, more dangerous than petrol driven vehicles and be comfortable with it? Tesla a top of the market exclusive vehicle manufacturer already face at least one Lawsuit after a fire fatality; The point being another mysterious fire.

History has  shown on numerous occasions, that if the issues are not satisfactorily sorted from a technical standpoint, those responsible will slink into the shadows, when things go terribly wrong and rely on Top-dollar Lawyers to defend companies against valid claims of a  neglect of  a "Duty of Care" to consumers and the general public alike.




Anna, I know how passionate you are about these new developments and I would love to experience a "Beam me up Scotty" Event, but I do not think most NOC members can make that quantum leap yet into the final frontier, best we keep these developments to ourselves!

Speak soon





And everyone seems to forget that Lithium is a very finite resource, and projections are that the world supply will have run out even before oil!


Hello now I think some of have not a clue what I was talking about when I  said things about warp drive Now it not about how fast you will go it's the power module that can be made to any size as required now this power module once it's on and working creates its own magnetic field  somewhat like the earth's magnetic field  which can make things levitate and move fast  then we have other ways of making  fuel like  Browns gas on the move, known as HHO  which some say works OK   and we have power cells made like capacitors,  lightweight  and will hold power for a long time  So the future bike is looking good In my book the next thing we be seeing them without wheels like luke skywalker speeder we have the technology    yours  anna j


Back in business was the title of this thread/section/discussion, which I think is great news for all the men & women who still have jobs now at Norton , also great news for existing 961 owners , how it gets onto other stories beats  me 


Hi, Lithium batteries once shorted or overheated will catch fire and be almost impossible to put out, which is why they are rarely used in vehicles. They are much more likely to be lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4 battery). These are quite difficult to get to catch fire and are easily extinguished. 

Note:- LiFePO4 batteries are not certified to work in Warp Drives.



Batteries require scarce resources nd cause significant polution in thxtraction and processing of the materails neede, Hydrogen fuel cells seem a better route. Not sure about warp drive. You can never be sure whether Anna is pulling our legs or whether she really believes this stuff.

Hello now everything I tell you is honest information and there well on the way of perfecting warp drive its real and so are space metals that why they built the international space station so they can make metals that you cannot on earth and there some 40 years ahead of where we are now NASA dose not tell you everything as they have lots of different black project on the go most are done in area 52 dugway and dolicy macer under ground falsity that gose down 25 stories and is three.miles across these guys are building stuff that will blow your mind. Yours. Anna j 


Are you sure it isn't the stuff you are inhaling that is blowing your mind? 

You seem to have forgotten that you cannot change the laws of physics, to quote Scotty from Star Trek!

Anyway, this forum is supposed to be about Nortons, not bovine excrement. 


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