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Unobtainable and essential Norton parts

In August the NOC Directors discussed the role the club plays in keeping Nortons on the road. The Spares Scheme is universally applauded but there is a need to replenish the bins as they empty, particularly those key items which cannot be purchased through our excellent specialist suppliers well known to readers of Roadholder.  It was agreed a new initiative will be launched under the leadership of Tony Ripley, our Technical Administrator.

Aim:-  To identify items that are not available to members from dealers in the UK or abroad, and which are essential to the continued use of your Norton motorcycles.  And to seek to ensure the parts, or equivalents, are available again.

We need your help to compile a list of these items. Based on your ownership and your efforts so far to obtain the part from all the regular suppliers, wanted ads in Roadholder, auction sites and any other sources.

The club has commissioned parts in the past, but we hope through the use of a more formal system of registering your critical shortage, that our efforts will be better directed.

It will take a little while to analyse your responses and to determine particular items that are cited regularly and are absolutely key to keeping your Norton on the road. We appreciate that for those members presently ‘off the road’ for want of that unobtainable part, even a ‘little while’ will be far too long.

The form in this Roadholder can also be found on the website under a new Forum heading “Parts Commissioning”. Initially there will be no other posts on “Parts Commissioning” but as your responses come in, we hope to use the forum as both a feedback to membership, and a chance for members to offer their services, expertise or advice for the re-manufacture of parts.

We take the place of the brown overall'd parts man at the counter, no longer with us, who heard regular requests for the same unobtainable part and did something about it. If you have tried all the usual sources and are struggling to find that key part, please help us all by completing the attached form.

See the new Parts Commissioning Forum!


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