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Calendar photos for 2023

In the hope that NOC members who have sent me photos of ‘the loves of their lives’, (I’m talking Nortons here!), won’t take offence, I would like to make one or two suggestions that could make all our lives more entertaining and turn our annual calendar into a must-have item of delight. ‘Here’s hoping’!

First, and I know you probably find the photo delightful because it is of your very own metal beauty, let me run through a set of, ‘Don’ts’. And please bear in mind that I’m no expert in the art of photography.

  1. Please don’t send me a photo of your Norton in front of a stretched-out bed sheet, blanket, or tarpaulin, or propped up by a wall or bench etc.
  2. Don’t send me any more photos of Nortons in front of hedges unless you really must.
  3. Don’t shrink the photo down to microscopic size so that it is easy to email.
  4. Don’t send in photos of your Norton surrounded by litter, ie. Mc Donalds food packaging, flattened Coke cans or Triumphs.
  5. Don’t take the photo so close-up so that half the bike is out of focus.
  6. Don’t take the photo so that part of the bike is not included in the picture.
  7. Don’t send in photos of your beloved amongst other beloveds at Triumph events.
  8. Don’t get your shadow, or reflection in the picture.

Now for a set of, ‘Do’s’.

  1. Please take the photo so that the bike takes up around 75% of the picture.
  2. Find an interesting background. Village pond, church, countryside, a vintage bus, something more picturesque than a blanket or a hedge, but not something that takes charge of the photo.
  3. Take photos against an evening sunset or morning sunrise, or with either, reflecting off the bike.
  4. Photograph the bike at semi-interesting angles instead of absolutely sideways on. ‘At ease, not at attention’. Remember, this is a calendar not a parts catalogue.
  5. Take your bike for a ride with the intention of getting some good photos rather than just for a blast through the countryside, and always look out for the unexpected chance to capture the perfect shot. If you can get it, or you have it, we would love to publish it for the benefit of all the NOC members.
  6. Whatever you take the photos with, send them full size so that the detail is pin sharp.

My aim here is to produce a top quality set of pictures that everyone will want to frame and hang on a wall. I hope no one thinks I’m setting the bar too high.

Please send your pictures to me:

Kev Feltoe at.....


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