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Rear brake pedal return spring


Can anyone tell how to replace the return spring of the rear brake pedal on a Norton 650SS.

I feel I must have lost a fitting between the frame and the pedal tube . I am at a lost how I can orientate the spring . The only parts I have of the pedal assembly are the pedal, a spring and the grease nipple. Have I lost some parts or is it my ability in puzzles lacking the appropriate skill.? It seems to be like those steel wire puzzles that one can spend hours trying to separate and reconstruct..

Grateful for someone who can give some help.



I think you might be missing the Rear Brake Stop, NM19976 on the AN site. Item number 25








...that I made at some point was to put the washer behind the stop on the inside of the frame under the nut. Did some head scratching before I realized it went on the outside under the stop.



Thank you Michael. It was not the stop I was missing so I assume after reading other comments it must be my manipulation of the spring whilst attaching the pedal. Having looked at the AN site exploded view of the pedal construction it would appear that I have everything needed to get the spring to operate. I must try again . Whatever I do I cannot get the spring to locate properly.

However I must comment on the very clear diagrams in the AN site, I wish I could get one of those large  diagrams to place on my garage wall.

Thank you Simon so much for the picture which will be a great help to me when trying again to get this spring orientated. It would seem that I am not missing any parts so it must be a knack of manipulating the part between the stop and the rear of the pedal.


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