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Black cylinder paint


Anyone know if you can strip the black finish from the bores with chemicals or would you need to remove mechanically, if so any ideas on the best way to achieve a nice finish prior to repainting. Thanks

my barrels are off the bike so looking what is the best means of stripping to bare metal then refinish.


Best to mask the barrels first rather than have to remove the paint, or do what I do and get them powder coated, this does not change the heat radiation properties.


In one episode of Wheeler Dealers, Ed had a car's exhaust manifolds ceramic coated, this was said to improve heat dispersion and gave a small power boost. Anyone tried this on barrels?


...  was the standard finish on a Jaguar XK engine, and many steam cylinders.  Not a process that has great success on secondhand parts.

Performance wise; the manifold runs cooler, exhaust gas temperature is maintained giving more efficient evacuation of cylinder. The inside of the manifold is also coated which improves gas flow.

Downside is when it need to come off...





Stove enamel is good on barrels.  Norman White (at Thruxton)  has his Norton heads stoved.  Powder coat is basically plastic so might have problems with the heat.


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