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Cautionary tale

Like an idiot forgot to refill gearbox on my Mk 1 961 Sport after an oil change when I got distracted during process returning to job sometime later , taking bike out for an 18 mile ride. Nothing noticeably wrong with gears selecting smoothly as normal but did wonder why selecting first from neutral just clicked in smoothly without the usual clutch drag grating noise - not twigging it was due to no g/box oil. On return home realised I'd not refilled gearbox so rapidly added correct quantity of specified grade oil and went out again on a 20 mile test ride with clutch operation normal and gears selecting smoothly , and with the first gear from neutral clutch drag selection noise back again as it always had been. Imagine there was sufficient residual oil on gears and bearings to cope on the short 18 mile dry g/box ride and just happy I hadn't done a longer one. Don't wander off in the middle of important maintenance jobs!



Its ironic that the gearbox and clutch selection was better without oil!!!!

Maybe it should be running WD40 in the gearbox.


If I get called away I put the oil / seal / etc on the seat. when you come back it is a reminder of what needs to done. 


Does the gearbox share its oil with the primary drive?   Perhaps a different oil may continue the apparent improvement in gear change Quality? 

I'm told that there are better grades of oil (than factory) recommended for Harley Davidsons that share primary drive/gearbox lubrication.  Worth looking at?


I tried genuine Harley Davidson transmission fluid and it made absolutely no difference at all, except it cost me more than normal oil, you pay top dollar for the H/D name on everything so branded.


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